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Jaipur Jewels’ Box of Love campaign



While every other jeweller was busy promoting its products for Valentine’s Day, Jaipur Gems presented a unique concept it called the Box of Love. Its campaign urged patrons to gift a “box of love” to those people whose work makes a world of difference to our everyday life but who often go unnoticed.

The luxury brand Jaipur Jewels decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day not only as a day of love but also as a day to show appreciation and gratitude. “We wanted a break from doing jewellery campaigns all the time. We wanted to do something that makes a difference,” says Amit Naheta, MD, Jaipur Jewels. “We came up with the concept of a Box of Love. Through it we paid tribute to all the hardworking people in our day-to-day lives, a simple way to get a smile on their faces. It is a way of offering a heartfelt thank-you to those who are rarely recognised but still mean a lot to our lives.”

Jaipur Jewels’ showrooms in Mumbai and Delhi created numerous units of the Box of Love. Customers were urged to take and gift them. Through social media, the jewellery brand asked its followers to create and gift their own boxes, if they couldn’t collect from a showroom.

The campaign was a big hit and had a ripple effect. Many people uploaded photographs of themselves gifting a box of love to a maid, watchman, driver, vegetable vendor, bus conductor, traffic policeman and -woman — all the people whose effort makes the world a safer and more comfortable place.

Amit Naheta – the realist

“There are two ways to do something. The first is to look at your resources and create the best you can with what you have. The other is to dream as large as you can and then find the resources to make it a reality. The latter is better.”

As head of procurement, manufacturing and trading of diamonds, and diamond jewellery for Jaipur Jewels, Amit Naheta believes that one cannot rest on laurels alone. He is always looking upwards, ahead.Always dreaming about the next big idea for the brand. He was responsible for re-launching the brand Jaipur Jewels and its new identity. His role in business development and strategic brand marketing led to the chain of brand boutiques across India. With 15 years of experience, an extensive education in the field of gems and jewellery, beinga certified Chartered Accountant, and completing a certified GIA course give him added advantages in the industry, and make him eminently suitable to handle the financial aspects of the business.

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