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Reliance Jewels continues amplifying regional heritage, launches Mahalaya collection as an ode to Maharashtra



Reliance Jewels continues amplifying regional heritage, launches Mahalaya collection as an ode to Maharashtra

Reliance Jewels has cemented its position as the jeweller for regional exclusivities. Over time, it has mastered the art of garnering nationwide popularity, not through a one-size-fits-all strategy, but through meticulous research of Indian diversity. Like unravelling a treasure trove that never ceases to amaze, the brand is charting a new trajectory in exciting jewellery buyers. This wedding season, they have come up with the Mahalaya collection, inspired by the glory and grace of Maharashtra.

This regal line of necklace sets, pendant sets, mangalsutras, earrings, rings, bracelets, and bangles crafted in 22kt gold and internationally certified diamonds draw inspiration from unmissable old-world elements. The gold collection lines up some audacious choker sets along with longer and intricate necklaces that are statement pieces and can be used as bridal jewellery. The use of elegant pearls and coloured gemstones represent Maharashtra’s rich culture and the enameling work in red and green brings out the magnificent inspiration of the Gads and Wads, thus cementing the cultural connect.

Maharashtrian jewellery is famed for its exquisite use of diamonds and complex settings. The immaculate necklace sets showcase the intricacies of iconic motifs from the Warli craft that stands out amidst an array of stunning diamonds. The diamond setting in the line-up especially balances some traditional techniques with a touch of modernity, so they can be ideal for festive and bridal memo.

The word ‘Mahalaya’, when used in the context of Maharashtra, is a culmination of Greatness and Beauty, MAHA meaning ‘Great’ and AALYA meaning beauty, found in almost every aspect of life of the state. Likewise, the inauguration of this collection comprised a grand invite-only event with showstopper Genelia Deshmukh. The actress stunned the paparazzi in Royal Regalia inspired magnificent necklace sets from the Mahalaya collection, which in itself was a treasure trove of motifs reminiscing the Royal Durbar & Coronations.

Replete with design elements and traditional karigari from different communities and regions across the country, say Utkala inspired from Odisha or Kaasyam inspired by Varanasi, the brand scores another accolade of spotting local heritage hidden in the remote, forgotten corners and historical ages of the great country we call India.


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