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Verma Jewellers surprises industry with excellent ad on gold exchange policy



Verma Jewellers surprises industry with excellent ad on gold exchange policy

Advertisements have become suave. They are no longer in-your-face, and it serves them to not be so, as target audience needs to understand the brand messaging well to become a true patron. Jewellery has rather been a tough industry in that aspect, where absence of the product in the advertisement is deemed to be disastrous. Just when you think that jewellery ads can’t get better, you get a masterstroke from a player such as Verma Jewellers, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

The advertisement is for the old gold exchange policy of Verma Jewellers, and all it needs is one stellar actor walking the audience through the journey of a customer trying to exchange her old gold jewellery to buy new ones for her daughters’ wedding. The immersive storytelling of the one-shot commercial focuses on the actor, enacting the role of a sales executive, brimming with a smile that would make anyone curious. Tapping on that curiosity, he asks the audience if they think he is relishing the success of a big sale. No, he isn’t.Instead, he is proud about the stamp of trust that the brand earns with a transparent pricing policy, something every customer needs.

Mrs Sharma is the client we are talking about. She comes and flaunts her old jewellery from Chandigarh and starts to own the first conversation with our sales employee, stating that she knows that ‘the bigger the showroom, the greater are the tricks’ by brands today. Although the staff insists that she get comfortable with ‘chai yathanda’, she interrupts strongly, indicating that the offer might be a ploy to siphon more money from an ignorant customer. Then the sales staff uses his trump card, the karatometer, measures the gold purity, and shares a current rate that matches that of the selling rate. “With 100% value of gold, we provide the same buying and selling rates for gold without any hidden charge.” That turns the table, as Mrs Sharma says she would rather buy from their ‘trusted’ Verma Jewellers in Himachal than go all the way back to Chandigarh!

As you come to the end of the story, you realize that nowhere has there even been a fleeting display of jewellery to delight the audience. Instead, and thankfully so, it is a testimonial of brilliant, ethical salesmanship that has been scripted so nicely and believably, that any jeweller would want his/her employee to sport such confidence and bring about success with transparency as the key virtue.

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