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Prasad Jewellers’ Gold Bar Challenge fulfils multi-channel engagement goals, attracts young customers 



Prasad Jewellers’ Gold Bar Challenge fulfils multi-channel engagement goals, attracts young customers

According to the brand, the main purpose of the challenge was to have more participants download and use their mobile application, which has garnered more than 4.5k downloads since its launch last month 

Rourkela: A recent visit to Dubai, where a gold bar challenge became popular, inspired Mohit Prasad, Managing Director, Prasad Jewellers to initiate his own Gold Bar Challenge in Rourkela city. The brand partnered with MMTC PAMP to create the setup, comprising a glass case and a gold bar that the participant must withdraw through a small portal on the side. 

To help the challenge gain more social media traction, it was promoted widely on Instagram, where participants and winners posted numerous reels. “The challenge went viral in Dubai and that gave us the confidence to launch it in the city. We wanted many people to participate in the challenge and so, the promotions were also robust,” explained Prasad. 


To participate in the challenge, the customers were required to download the brand’s mobile application and like and follow the brand’s page on Instagram. In doing so, the brand intends to engage its audience and customers on social media and offline, by encouraging them to take part in the contest. “After the Rourkela store, we will also be doing this challenge at our Sundergarh, Jharsuguda and Sambalpur stores. The main purpose of the challenge was to boost the download of and traffic on our mobile application as our designs, the gold rates and offers on the products are easily accessible on the app”, continued Prasad. The application, which was downloaded a month ago, has already seen more than 4.5k downloads. 

The challenge’s setup was given to the brand in the first week of June when it first ran it at its Rourkela store. However, for more exposure and to benefit from a brief holiday period during the celebration of the Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti, the challenge then was launched at Plutone Mall, a popular shopping centre in Rourkela. 

The three-day festival, which is predominantly celebrated among young women in Odisha, marks the beginning of the monsoon season. The brand launched the challenge at the new venue during this brief vacation with the aim of having youngsters take part in the challenge. “The response was good and aligned with our expectations of attracting the young crowd of people during these three days,” said Prasad. Over these three days, nearly 800 people took part in the Gold Bar Challenge.

After the festival ended, the challenge’s set-up was moved back to the brand’s store, where the brand promoted it further by inviting local influencers, customers and the local audience to try their luck. Prasad noted that the in-store challenge attracts close to 80 participants daily. 

While the brand is not giving away its jewellery products to the winners, the prizes are still enticing and can be anything, such as branded watches to wallets along with other promotional items. “The participation in the challenge is free of cost and extracting the gold bar is achievable. Out of 100 participants, about 40-50% of the people can remove the bar. Hence, the prizes are a token of appreciation for being a part of our journey,” he said. 

After the challenge started, the brand noted increased footfall at its Rourkela store and silver jewellery as a product category became popular. “This is due to the timing of the Raja festival when we promoted the contest at the mall. Since a lot of young consumers participated, they visited our store and purchased 925 sterling silver jewellery, which is trendy and has a youthful appeal,” he explained. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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