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SENCO launches Love collection with sprinting legend Dutee Chand in the month of Pride



June is a month of freedom of expression. The month takes cognizance of the Stonewall riots in New York City, where gay people fought off a planned police attack at a bar on June 28, 1969. Cut to 2021, the world is aching for socialization amid pandemic and SENCO Gold and Diamonds took the opportunity to uphold the glory of gay pride with their latest Love collection.

The event was held on June 16 virtually with ace sprinter Dutee Chand from Odisha gracing the occasion as the brand ambassador. Dutee received worldwide praise after coming out in 2019 when she declared that she is in a same-sex relationship. She has paved the path for so many aspiring athletes who shy away from sharing their sexual preferences fearing social stigma. Host Sanjay Banerjee congratulated the national champion, who comes from a family of weavers in Gopalpur, Odisha and is currently training in Sports Authority of India camp, Patiala, for Tokyo Olympics. 

When asked to comment about her hardships before success, Dutee said that it was very tough for her family of 9 members to support her dream of sports. “People used to tell me that jewellery pieces are not meant for me, gold medals are. But I always wear gold chains and love diamonds. But while I was small, my family couldn’t arrange for sports kits. I didn’t have shoes. I used to sprint near river so that stones don’t get on my way. But I have 1500 medals now. In senior level, I have been a champion for five times,” she said. The sportsperson has also been given the Arjuna Award from the Indian government and is a known face in celebrity circles, thanks to her appearance in shows such as KBC and The Kapil Sharma Show.

Dutee never gave up on her dreams and learnt to love fearlessly, and that is the feeling Senco brought out with the Love collection which was launched today. Talking about the collection, CEO Suvankar Sen said that several technologies such as the dancing diamond and laser-cutting technologies have brought impressive looks out of the quintessential heart-shaped pieces. From danglers to pendants, the collection also comes with a key-like design, perfect for lovebirds. “This lightweight diamond collection in association with Everlite ranges from Rs7,000-20,000. Although gold price is rising, we know that gold and diamonds are good when it comes to investment. We’d want the new generation to focus on investment on gold and diamonds as they come handy in crises.” said Sen.

The virtual meet then proceeded with a demonstration of the Love collection from Senco’s Camac Street showroom. The brilliant pieces are made from 18k, 22K gold and diamonds. Obsessing over the jewellery pieces, the sportsperson made strong arguments over social stigma and love as we perceive today. She said that her knee injury and failure to grab gold on many occasions have drawn ire on social media and personal life. “But I run for my country and prepare for the next competition. That’s my goal,” she commented.

Talking about personal struggles, she said that gender should never be a bar to profess or accept love. “I’m really happy with my partner and want to stay with her for my lifetime. Anyone can choose any gender for a relationship. Love is never skin-deep,” she said. Talking about the jewellery collection, she expressed her love for the designs made in just 1 gram of gold by the brand.

Elaborating on the various initiatives Senco is taking to include the LGBTQ community in our day-to-day lives, Suvankar Sen said that the company has been holding various programs with India’s first transgender college principal Dr Manabi Bandopadhyay. “We wanted to have Dutee as the epitome of diversity for the current generation. We have already selected 2-3 people who are soon to become SENCO employees. With such attempts, we are trying to inculcate inclusivity within Gen Next,” Sen concluded.

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