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Raj Diamonds’ Mother’s Day unique celebration boosts the potential for employee retention 



Raj Diamonds’ Mother’s Day celebration boosts potential for employee retention

The celebration, where the mothers of the staff members were invited to the brand’s head office, was aimed at instilling a sense of gratitude and respect 

Mumbai: International Mother’s Day is gaining popularity in India. This year, Raj Diamonds did its bit to make this day more special by inviting the mothers of its employees to visit the brand’s head office. The brand kicked off the event by honouring all the ladies with flowers, gifts, and chocolates. 

According to Meethi Surana, Marketing Director at Raj Diamonds, the brand commemorates this occasion in a special way every year. This year, the staff also followed the customary ceremony of washing their mothers’ feet with rose petals and milk. 

“For this occasion, all the employees of Raj Diamonds could also purchase jewellery for their mothers at a discounted rate, enabling them to gift their mothers some beautiful and timeless pieces of jewellery,” said Surana. 


The entire event stood out from many other Mother’s Day celebrations because the brand has always maintained a personal touch and believes in involving family members of the staff. This activity aimed to instil gratitude and respect towards all the mothers whose sons and daughters worked at the company. Like many others, this activity showed the brand’s consumers that the company went over and above its business and supported a community with strong values of togetherness.

In Surana’s view, besides inculcating strong values in their staff, such activities serve the interests of the brand’s jewellery business as they contribute to higher employee retention. Through such family-centric celebrations, employees enjoy a sense of belonging and community. This translates to the staff doing their best when serving jewellery customers to the best of their abilities. “This positive atmosphere, created by content employees, influences how they treat clients as part of the family, which is good for business,” she said.  

A factory tour was a crucial part of the celebration, aiming to make the mothers feel involved in their children’s professional lives. This was followed by an elaborate lunch. 

Speaking about International Mother’s Day as an occasion to gift jewellery, Surana pointed out that more young people have been aspiring to give their mothers something special from their first salary.   

Speaking about International Mother’s Day as an occasion for gifting jewellery, Surana pointed out that over the years, more young people have been aspiring to give their mothers something special from their first salary.  

“Traditionally, jewellery was passed down from mothers to children, but now we see more people buying jewellery as gifts for their mothers. This has increased sales during Mother’s Day over the past two to three years. Items like nose rings, earrings, and smaller pendants are popular choices as tokens of gratitude,” she explained.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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