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Aaloki by CH aces online engagement with heartfelt video testimonials on campaign 



Aaloki by CH aces online engagement with heartfelt video testimonials on campaign 

The Vadodara-based jewellery brand continues its focus on engaging costumers through testimonials 

Vadodara: Campaigns are a necessary ammunition in the arsenal of digital-savvy jewellery brands today. In order to convey a meaningful message through products, a lot goes into creating a campaign that sums up the look and feel of the product and its purpose. Certain campaigns outshine their vailidy, just like the Mother’s Day campaign of Aaloki by CH, which is still engaging social media with new video testimonials. 

Aaloki by CH unveiled their ‘Legacy of Love’ campaign on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The brand posted multiple testimonials of mothers and their children, signifying the unwavering dedication of mothers towards her children. The reels take the viewers through the lives of individuals sharing their heartwarming experiences with their loved ones. All these reels have mid-shots focusing on the people sharing their stories. The lighting in these reels is more on the diffused side with warm tones which accentuates the emotions of tenderness and homeliness. 

The first reel posted on the brand’s Instagram page sees a woman talking about providing her daughter a safe space, free from inhibitions. The reel, which follows up, sees a woman sharing her experience of being a mother at a young age and the journey of navigating through responsibilities that comes with it. A daughter, in the post after it, dwells into the feeling of attachment one can have towards their mothers. 

A heartfelt moment was on display as a reel recorded a sequence of a mother-daughter pair sharing an intimate moment talking about the mutual feeling of respect and admiration between the two. 


In the very next post, a daughter can be seen visibly emotional, speaking about how she did not initially value the presence of her mother in her life, which completely took a turn after her marriage. She now visits her mother quite often and their bond has grown ever stronger. A pregnant lady features in the brand’s most recent post, reminiscing about the countless sacrifices her mother has made to raise her and how she hopes to inculcate her mother’s qualities to provide for her children in a similar manner. 

In each of these testimonials, emphasis is laid on the relationships and not the product per se, thus enabling the brand to champion the purpose of making jewellery a perfect adornment of their users. The regular updates of different testimonials by the brand, even after the occasion ended last month, speaks of the brand’s commitment towards driving the essence of relationships and the efficacy of their campaigns. 

Written by Amaan Kasu 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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