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Jewellery brands see Father’s Day as a growing occasion for gifting and men’s jewellery purchase 



Jewellery brands see Father’s Day as a growing occasion for gifting and men’s jewellery purchase

Though men’s jewellery and occasions for gifting and self-purchase in the category are still developing in the industry, jewellers are coming up with ad campaigns and products to grow the trend 

Mumbai: Father’s Day has seen an uptick in demand over the years, as men’s jewellery gets more takers in India. The industry is responding to that trend and has come up with interesting campaigns.  

Brands such as Raj Diamonds have noted that the occasion is being defined by a rising interest in valuable gifts, as compared to Mother’s Day, which has been a steady occasion for gifting jewellery for many years. A few months before the occasion, the brand incorporated their collection of men’s jewellery into the display along with the other jewellery to increase its visibility among customers visiting the store. By doing so, they subtly pushed the category without promoting it on a grand scale. 

For most brands, the category makes up nearly 20-25% of their total turnover, with gold chains, bracelets and rings being the fast-moving products. “Many men are moving towards rings and bracelets these days, which could be due to the social media promotions. When we speak of fathers, they could be millennials or older persons so the designs and product preferences will vary”, said Mehul Oswal, Managing Director, Mahendra Jewellers

Eshwar Surana, CEO, Raj Diamonds, said, “We experienced a significant boost in Father’s Day activity compared to last year, with inquiries increasing by 30-35% and conversions up by 25%. This surge is largely driven by targeted marketing campaigns and an expanded product range appealing to male customers.” 


According to some brands, customers opted for purchasing platinum jewellery during the occasion as this is a popular segment for men’s jewellery. “We saw an increase of 12-15% in platinum jewellery since we started marketing it at the start of this year. This Father’s Day, the fast-moving products were platinum bracelets and rings, as we have been promoting this segment,” said Navya Suhas, Online Marketing Head, Bhima Jewellery

The jewellery house has observed how men are also opting for sophisticated and functional jewellery pieces at mid-to-high price points. The consumer interest in collar cuffs was the highest, followed by brooches, bracelets, and buttons, suggesting that consumers are inclined towards intricate designs that add refinement and a unique touch to their daily and occasion wear outfits. 

City Gold and Diamonds launched a collection of platinum rings made with diamonds and sapphire for the occasion. “The design is bold to reflect a tribute to fathers.  Compared to the previous year, we have seen a 15-20% increase in terms of sales and inquiries”, said Mohammed Dilshad, Director, City Gold and Diamonds. He added that the brand would also be creating an e-commerce platform for silver and platinum jewellery and accessories for men. 

With very few occasions dedicated to men, the marketing strategies for men’s jewellery still has a lot of scope for growth. However, as the category has received a boost in the last few years, brands such as Senco Gold & Diamonds launched a film campaign for its jewellery line, Aham, comprising bracelets, rings and chains crafted in gold and platinum.  

The film describes the relationship between a father who wants to send his son to a business school and the latter who wants to study filmmaking. When the boy expresses his aspirations, the father surprises him by approving of his plans and extending moral support, while presenting him with his own gold bracelet from Senco Gold & Diamonds.

P.C. Chandra Jewellers roped in TV actor Karanvir Bohra to celebrate the occasion through influencer marketing, where the actor talks about what it means to be a father. The brand has released a collaborative reel on its Instagram page with the actor, in which he dwells deeper on his experience being a father. The collaboration post, which included the actor’s podcasting channel titled ‘The Daddy Adventures’, saw considerable traction as it managed to garner over 12,000 likes in the span of four days. 

On the same note, GRT Jewellers also launched a heartfelt Father’s Day video campaign featuring the different roles fathers play in their children’s lives at every stage. The film subtly incorporates the jewellery and the branding into the shots showing how products like chains and rings in men’s jewellery are catching up as a gifting option for such occasions.  

These campaigns, corresponding to the launch of a new collection, are also indicative of how thoughtful and meaningful gifts are in trend. “This year, we have observed a significant increase in both conversions and inquiries for Father’s Day. Compared to last year, there has been a 20% rise in the number of inquiries, indicating growing interest and awareness around this occasion. More impressively, our conversion rates have improved by 15%, showcasing a stronger propensity among customers to make purchases,” said Nandita Agarwal, Managing Director, Sona Chandis Jewellers.  

The brand observed how customers are particularly favouring designs that symbolize strength and stability, such as sturdy bracelets and elegant cufflinks, seen as fitting tributes to the father figure in their lives. 

Jewellers who retail different product categories under men’s jewellery have reported that the segment has been performing well all through the year, encouraging them to come up with new offerings for the occasion. Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation created a line of different products for men which are more frequently purchased, such as cufflinks, tie pins, and belt buckles along with other accessories to attract customers. 

“The products were made with gold and studded with diamonds. Though the increase in sales over last year was not phenomenal, we saw a 10% increase and the cufflinks turned out to be a popular purchase,” commented Pratik Dugar, Director, Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation. The jeweller is also observing how the occasion is gradually gaining relevance and can grow into a more significant occasion for gifting and to tap into the customer base of men in the coming years. 

Punjabi Saraf Jewellers organised a bespoke exhibition in Ujjain, coinciding with the occasion and celebrated it with the attendees. In the brand’s view, the occasion is marked by self-purchase and gifting, with many customers planning the purchases a week in advance, emphasizing that walk-ins have been positively consistent despite the monsoon. Vedant Anand, Managing Director, Punjabi Saraf Jewellers  said, “In general, gold and diamond rings, chains, bracelets, brooches for men have been performing well. For Father’s Day, the share of diamond brooches, par-sized rings and Cuban chains for men has increased by 15%. Customers are not just looking at diamond jewellery, for mere gifting, but are also attaching an emotional aspect to it, like they do for gold jewellery.” 

The industry is also taking note of how the growth of men’s jewellery as a category can create a space for other celebrations such as International Men’s Day, giving rise to newer collections, product categories and marketing opportunities. 

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