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CKC Group’s Gem-Z 2024 campaign features young, empowered, and accomplished women and influences buying decisions across age groups  




Launched earlier this year, the brand promotes one young achiever a month, showcasing their jewellery choices with inspiring success stories that impact their style game

Bengaluru: It all started with these women influencers getting featured on the brand’s internal calendars and communication.

The CKC Group garnered widespread attention in January when unveiled the glamourous Gen-Z Icons. Decked up fashionably in jewellery that portrays their unconventional style and personality, the Gem Z campaign caught the attention of many.


Soon, the brand launched another campaign featuring one achiever monthly, focussing on her achievements and style choices whilst promoting their exclusive GEM Z collection.  

Continuing to share narratives that inspire everyone, the CKC Group has been actively promoting women who refused to bow before societal pressure. Vinod Hayagriv, Director and Managing Director of CKC Group of Jewellers narrates one such story of a personality showcased in the Gem Z campaign who wanted to join the Indian army. Her family had concerns about that decision, and instead of protesting, she took another path as a fitness expert. Years later, she took over as a fitness company’s sales and marketing head.   

“The young generation feels happy to be noticed. It all comes out of their personal experiences. Not only has this woman aced her dream of fitness, but she is also effectively managing crucial responsibilities of a company, thus successfully enhancing dormant qualities within herself,” shared Hayagriv.  

Besides improving the brands’ connection with Gen Z, sending messages of inspiration to its massive follower base is resulting in good traction of product inquiries for the exclusive range of jewellery under the GEM-Z collection. 

Speaking about the response, Hayagriv said that parents are also changing their mindsets when they shop for jewellery for younger ones after spot trailblazing designs flaunted by the personalities on camera. “The young generation, exposed to a world of design diversity and fashion via social media platforms such as Instagram, knows what is good for their styles and personalities. We seek their opinions and create jewellery based on such inputs when they share their design demands,” added Hayagriv. The brand has received several queries for being a part of the campaign. 

In a world teeming with artificial intelligence, CKC Group strives to showcase stories of women who make a difference by facing real-life challenges and making a better name for themselves. This approach benefits the brand and its clientele across all age brackets, who see the new icons of tomorrow bejewelled in jewellery, shaping new trends.   

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