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Arundhati Jewellers introduce ‘Arka’, a new line inspired by the Sun Temple



Arundhati Jewellers introduce ‘Arka’, a new line inspired by the Sun Temple

The Indian heritage and culture arean all-embracing conflux of religions, traditions, and customs, and the highlights of this vast conclave are our treasure of its architecture, performing and fine arts, classical dance and music, natural reserve, flora and fauna, and unforgettably, the countrymen. This all-encompassing identity sums up the purpose of precisely what the newly-launched ‘Arka’ collection by Arundhati Jewellers, Odisha, is all about.

Arundhati Jewellers take inspiration from Sun Temple, Konark, and infuse their local heritage into Arka. The brand has taken initiatives to encourage and promote Odisha’s remarkable and ancient craftsmanship of the heritage structure and turn the intricate craftsmanship of pebbles into reality on gold jewellery.

The brand also plans to make this collection available in different variants and has robust plans to promote its exclusivity on another forum to make access to its customers easy. “The ultimate mission for this collection is to promote the ancient people’s skills and talents that have been done without any machinery work. To replicate their craftsmanship on gold jewellery will be a memory of the culture and history of Odisha,” said Mr Achutananda Meher, Arundhati Jewellers, Odisha.

The ARKA collection has been getting tremendous response since its launch, and the brand has booked around 2000 grams in all its variants, along with a lead time of 15 days. As the projection is to promote the pebble craftsmanship of the Odisha-based temple into reality, the brand is finding takers not only among local residents but also customers from other states who value culture and heritage.

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