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Tanishq engages multiple influencers for impactful campaign on dailywear 



Tanishq engages multiple influencers for impactful campaign on dailywear 

Social media influencers such as Khushi Hegde become the face of the digital Glam Days campaign 

Mumbai: Tanishq recently collaborated with multiple social media influencers to promote over 10,000 modern gold designs under their Tanishq glam days collection. The collection is branded as delicate, everyday companions for the modern woman, perfect for the office and effortlessly transitioning to evening wear. 

 The digital campaign aims to highlight the everyday utility of the latest range. One such collaboration with Khushi Hegde includes a reel in which the social media influencer can be seen styling lightweight gold jewellery with various outfits on one base. For starters, she pairs a dainty necklace with a formal blazer to accentuate a professional demeanor. She then puts on a shirt top and opts for a chic gold bracelet by Tanishq to go alongside it. She concludes her styling compilation with a dangling earring with complementary rings. 

Digital creator, Ashna Hegde, collaborated with the brand to offer styling options for summers with Tanishq. She is seen wearing a chunky bracelet along with a gold chain for a casual brunch look. To complete a formal office look, she wears an elegant lightweight diamond earring. 

Digital creator Astha Shah and Bollywood actor Nikita Dutta were also a part of the campaign, who shared posts on their social media handles, donning Glam days jewellery. 


Tanishq’s latest collection challenges the stereotype that gold is reserved for special events, offering a range of modern pieces designed for everyday wear. 

“Gone are the days when jewellery weighed you down with its bulkiness and outdated designs,” says a spokesperson for Tanishq. “Our pieces are crafted with a keen eye for modern aesthetics, ensuring they effortlessly complement your everyday style.” 

The goal of Glam Days was to offer a range of daily wear jewellery pieces that would effortlessly integrate into the daily lives of Tanishq’s customers, enhancing their style without overpowering it. “It was about infusing the richness of gold into your daily routine, making luxury accessible and wearable for all occasions. By filling this gap in the market, we not only seek to redefine the perception of gold jewellery but also to empower individuals to express themselves authentically through their accessories,” concluded the spokesperson.  

Written by Amaan Kasu

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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