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CaratLane infuses Bollywood drama in promotional reels to excite buyers



CaratLane infuses Bollywood drama in promotional reels to excite buyers

Reels are a must for brand promotions nowadays. They help get the word out in the easiest and the most informal ways possible. When it comes to sustaining a youth-friendly image, it is actually up to the brand to imbibe contemporary social media tools to drum up the latest offer. In doing so, one must also be careful to understand the language the target audience uses, and even their humour. CaratLane seems to have aced that with their latest promotional reels.

Bollywood is something everyone relates to, and when it comes to Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, there is hardly an Indian who doesn’t know how its story rolls. Juxtaposing few scenes from the iconic drama, the brand has created a lot of excitement on social media. Take their 0% making charge offer for example. To spread the word, the brand has used the scene where Shah Rukh Khan disembarks from the helicopter to rush to his palatial mansion and his family. ‘Us when we hear the 0% making charges offer is back’— they mentioned in the creative still of the reel.

Then, for their Golden Monday sale, which is based on lightweight gold jewellery, they took the clip of Kareena Kapoor’s unforgettable character of Puja with her girl gang walking along with pure style.

Matching the intent of the promotion with popular cinematic reference is a brilliant way to influence conversations, and drive people to take part in the upcoming events. This shows that the brand affirms the cultural preferences of its target audience, which is fundamental today.

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