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Melorra strengthens recall value via Instagram contest on 6th anniversary



Melorra strengthens recall value via Instagram contest on 6th anniversary

Melorra, a brand that has made its name for minimalistic, trendy jewellery, turned 6 years old recently. To celebrate that occasion, the brand put up an interesting online contest called ‘The Game of 6’, for its followers.

Calling it a birthday bash for the brand, Melorra first teased its followers to get more friends and acquaintances interested about the six tasks one has to complete to win exciting gifts. The first one was interesting and summed up how the brand wanted to be known and by which target audience. The first task demanded followers to define Melorra using 6 emojis. Then, one had to name the latest 6 collections by the brand. After that, one had to choose 6 must-have jewellery pieces from every collection the brand has ever released.

The final three tasks demanded followers to introduce the brand in 6 words, tag 6 friends in the comments below and have 6 of the follower’s friends follow us. There is a great balance between the qualitative and definitive responses to each of the tasks, as that helps the brand to choose the winner not only based on how fast the responses were made, but also the degree of awareness of the followers participating.

While this simple post garnered over 250 likes within a week, what really grabbed the eyeballs was the brand recall video Melorra posted. It showcased the growth of the brand in these six years and mentioned the 16,000+ designs, delivered to over 26,000 pin codes through the 11 experience centers the brand has today. The interesting aspect of this activity was that each task given to the follower helped in boosting the brand’s social media footprint through the responses, follows and tags. That is how the brand had participants spread the word of Melorra’s growth organically.

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