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PN Gadgil and Sons creates history in Indian jewellery circle by launching Zapurza art and culture museum



PN Gadgil and Sons creates history in Indian jewellery circle by launching Zapurza art and culture museum

When passion and profession matches, extraordinary results are expected. That is what has happened with art connoisseur and jeweller Ajit Gadgil, founder of PN Gadgil and Sons. The brand has launched their most anticipated exhibition of modern and medieval art and craft works with Zapurza Museum of Art and Culture.

The name has been coined from one of the works by Marathi poet Krishnaji Keshav Damle, and means the state of mind in which sublime creative works happen. Inaugurated on May 19, the museum is located near the peacock bay of National Defense Academy, Pune, and was open for public viewing from the next day.

This is a labour of love for Mr Gadgil, who has been a passionate art collector since ages and had created 8 art galleries across showrooms for the inventive upliftment of budding artists. The result is this cultural haven comprising jewellery over two centuries old, artworks by legendary Maharashtrian artists ranging from Mughal era, Thanjavur’s exclusive techniques and rare artefacts. Besides permanent and rotating exhibitions, there will be a platform dedicated for promotion of gifted Maharashtrian artists.

“We have a wide variety of heritage jewellery and silver antiques such as chuski, gulabdan, uttardan, paan dabba, kitchen miniature sets and others collected from various parts of India. A special collection of authentic Maharashtrian jewellery such as sari, thushi, nath etc are also part of over 200 jewellery and utensils pieces displayed at the museum,” said Gadgil. The museum will also involve workshops for children’s education of fine arts, for which tie-ups with various artists and other museums are forthcoming. To give a fillip to art within and beyond jewellery, Gadgil is also conducting India’s first textile art biennale at Zapurza.

There is no need for elaboration on the love Mr Gadgil has for art. Over the years, the art galleries at various outlets of PN Gadgil and Sons has inspired many an artisan to take cue from and imbibe influences into some of the most treasured designs by the brand. This initiative is a shot in the arm of the brand, as it flings its doors of creativity directly with the end-consumer through educational support and thus, permanent brand trust.

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