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Success does not come without experiencing failure: Peeyush Prakash

Retail Jeweller India



Peeyush Prakash, Director, Alankar Jewellers, Meerut shares the other side of him. Read more to find out what he likes to eat, what is his favourite and what he does in his leisure.

–Manoj Chakraborty


The political leader I admire the most and why?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his vision for India. He is taking our country to the global arena.


The business leader I admire the most and why?

My grandfather Late Radhey Lal Sarraf for teaching me ethical trade practices i.e. being transparent to the customers and employees and being practical with the manufacturers and suppliers.


A book or a movie I would like to recommend for others and why?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara as I am an adventure freak.


Had I not been in the jewellery business I would have been?

Never thought of joining anything else.


My biggest test as a decision-maker?

Deciding upon the location of shifting my complete store and whether to shift or expand.


My favourite holiday destination?

Livingstone in Zambia.


Favourite cuisine?

Vegetarian Indian homemade cuisine.


Newspapers, TV channels and websites like?

The Economic Times, Star Sports, Ten Sports, Discovery Channel, Pinterest.


My social media hang-out zone – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?



Favourite restaurant?

Peshawari restaurant, ITC grand Maratha Sheraton, Mumbai.


My de-stress mantra?

2 – hour tennis session in the morning.


Political personalities from history I would love to meet in person and why?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his exemplary leadership.


My business principle and success mantra?

Success does not come without experiencing failure.


One thing I would love to do in a different way?

Living in the countryside in my regular life.


My hobby?

Mountaineering, river rafting and gardening. I scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 meters in June 2015 with my friends and my son Kush in 8 days. Kush was declared the youngest Indian climber (14 years) to Mt. Kilimanjaro for the year 2015.


What happiness means to you?

Laugh with friends and travel a lot.


My leadership style?

Making my team part of the decision making process and delegating responsibilities.


What is more important, business ethics or business profit?

Business ethics which can be passed onto generations.


Learnings from the trade after being in the industry for all these years?

Concentrate completely in the direction you decide. Diversifying into different fields can land you nowhere.

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