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My business principle is purity, trust, relation and service: Meenu Paul




Meenu Paul, Proprietor, Le Khanna Jewellers, Ludhiana shares the other side of him. Read more to find out what he likes to eat, what is his favourite and what he does in his leisure.

–Manoj Chakraborty

The political leader I admire the most and why?

I like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is a tough leader and man of his words.


The business leader I admire the most why?


Wipro Chairman Azim Premji. He is down to earth.


A book or a movie I would like to recommend for others and why?

Sanju. The movie has shown the ups and downs in a person’s life which I can relate to.


Had I not been in the jewellery business, I would have been?



My favourite holiday destination?



Favourite cuisine?

North Indian food.


Newspapers, TV channels and websites I like?

India TV as a news channel and Punjab Kesari as a newspaper.


My social media hang-out zone – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?



Favourite restaurant?

Yellow Chilly from my town.


My de-stress mantra?

Watching television and reading books.


Political personalities from history I would love to meet in person and why?

Mahatma Gandhi because of his immense contribution in India’s freedom struggle.


My business principle and success mantra?

Purity, trust, relation and service.


My hobby?

Playing cricket and reading books.


What happiness means to you?

Spending quality time with family.


My leadership style?

I am soft from outside but hard from inside.


What is more important, business ethics or business profit?

Ethics in business.


Learnings from the trade after being in the industry for all these years?

After 32 years in the industry, I feel there is so much more to learn and every day teaches me something new.



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