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Commitment and word of mouth are the most important things in business

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The Retail Jeweller touches the light side of Dev Shetty, President, and CEO, Fura Gems, which is indeed fun to read.

–Manoj Chakraborty

The political leader I admire the most and why?

Ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh. I always liked the way Vajpayee used to make his point and Manmohan Singh because of his work during the 1991 economic crisis. In abroad I like the ex British PM David Cameron for his style of functioning.

The business leader I admire the most and why?

Narayan Murthy because of his business principles and Mark Zuckerberg because of whatever he has achieved at such a young age.

A book or a movie I would like to recommend to others and why?

I am a big Bollywood and Hollywood fan. I loved Hindi movie Sholay and Tom Hank movies.

Had I not been in the jewellery business I would have been?


My biggest test as a decision-maker?

How I turn around the Coscuez Emerald Mine and bring the ruby mine in the world map.

My favourite holiday destination?

New York and Kashmir

Favourite cuisine?


My social media hang-out zone – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?

I am not very active on social media

My de-stress mantra?


My business principle and success mantra?

To be honest in what you do

One thing I would love to do in a different way?

I want to spend more time with my family

My hobby?

Watching movies and playing Cricket

What is more important, business ethics or business profit?

Business ethics

Learnings from the trade after being in the industry for all these years?

Commitment and word of mouth are the most important things in business.


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