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Kothari Jewellers sponsors marathon with democracy as a theme in Jabalpur 



Kothari Jewellers sponsors marathon with democracy as a theme in Jabalpur

The Ahinsa Run event attracted over 15,000 participants including the brand’s staff members and customers  

Jabalpur: Kothari Jewellers recently sponsored a local marathon event called the Ahinsa Run in the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, for the second consecutive year. Organised by the Jain International Trade Organization or JITO, the event took place in time for the Lok Sabha elections in the city and its name reflected the theme – a run for democracy.  

The brand mentioned that its maiden sponsorship of the event in the previous year made it to The Guinness Book of World Record for its nationwide reach. 

Vardhman Kothari, Director, Kothari Jewellers, said, “In India, there are approximately 56 to 60 chapters of this event, with numerous chapters outside of India. This year marked the second consecutive year of the Ahinsa Run, which took on the format of a semi-formal run. It was a remarkable event, with the Collector of Jabalpur, SP of Jabalpur, and Jabalpur’s administration being involved. Given the theme of democracy, the Ahinsa Run was quite significant.” 

The semi-formal nature of the three kilometre-long marathon event aimed to attract as many individuals as possible. Over 15,000 participants made it to the event, which included all of the brand’s staff members as well as numerous jewellery customers from across Jabalpur. 


Kothari also noted that as a member of JITO, his association with the organisation and such events built direct and lasting connections with a sizeable Jain population of nearly two lakh individuals that also included jewellery buyers from the community. “Over the past few years, I’ve been sponsoring various events within the Jain community, and I’ve felt a stronger connection with customers from that community,” he added. 

Red FM 93.5, the associate partner for the Ahinsa Run, helped the brand get significant leverage in terms of promotions and visibility, as the radio channel has a reach of approximately 10 lakh people within a 100-kilometre radius.

To make the process convenient for the participants, the jewellery brand had facilitated the registrations both online and at its store, allowing patrons to sign up conveniently. The Ahinsa Run was promoted through digital platforms, WhatsApp, local newspapers, and collaborated with news media such as NDTV, which was the primary promoter in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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