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Women empowerment trumps with Kalasha Fine Jewels’ bike ride event 



Women empowerment trumps with Kalasha Fine Jewels' bike ride event

The brand sought to showcase the strength of women via the bike ride event, held in collaboration with Happy Hyderabad and Hyderabad Cycling Revolution 

Hyderabad – Jewellery has undergone mammoth transformation in its diversity, design, and purpose as Indian women broadened their roles in society from being homemakers to providers and leaders across all walks of life.  

Progressive jewellery brands such as Kalasha Fine Jewels reflect the current sentiments of the society, and have, time and again, celebrated the women wearing the jewellery instead of focusing on the product alone. Their on-ground activities prove this perspective strongly.  

Take their bike ride event for instance, which consisted of over 100 women of varied demographics as participants. The jewellery brand sought to showcase the strength of women through the event, which had been heavily promoted on social media, wherein reels showed women riding the bikes, socializing while clicking group pictures, and thanking the retailer for the opportunity. Placards and badges inspiring every participant brought out the champions in each woman biker. Even the slogan stating ‘I can do both’ synced with the reality of women being all-rounders at home and beyond. 

Before the on-ground activity, Kalasha Fine Jewels uploaded a reel on Women’s Day, wherein the brand decked up their women staff across showrooms in a glamorous video shoot.


“Branded merchandise, such as t-shirts featuring the company’s logo, was provided to participants, further increasing brand visibility,” said Anjani T., Marketing Head at Kalasha Fine Jewels. “During the event, an instant selfie booth was set up, allowing attendees to take pictures with the brand logo, fostering engagement and brand recognition. Also, breakfast networking sessions provided an opportunity for interaction with attendees and testimonial collection,” she added. 

Regarding the spike in interest after the activity, Anjani maintained that the brand has received multiple customer inquiries since the event ended. “The engagement activities and brand exposure during the event contributed to heightened interest in the brand and its products among attendees. After event promotion efforts, such as the recap video showcasing the brand’s involvement, the brand’s perception increased positively.  

“Kalasha Fine Jewels’ strong connection with the community has aimed at customer loyalty and retention with their recent marketing campaigns,” she explained. The campaign was primarily organized in such a way that loyal customers would contact other community members to ensure organic, positive word-of-mouth marketing. “Women being the focus group, we tried to connect with millennials as such activities are quite popular among this section of the demographic “she concluded. 

Expectations were exceeded regarding the footfall at stores after the event, which was organized early this year in close collaboration with Happy Hyderabad and Hyderabad Cycling Revolution on Women’s Day. With Mother’s Day around the corner on May 12, the brand is getting another opportunity to celebrate women with jewellery.  

Written By Amaan Kasu

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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