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Diamond and Gold Exhibition by Karan Kothari Jewellers



Karan Kothari Jewellers held its much anticipated diamond and gold exhibition and sales event held at Jalgaon. This four-day event showcased their unique ability to keep evolving according to the changing trends.

With an eclectic display of a variety of baubles, this exhibition evoked grandeur as well as highlighted new trends with the display of 22K gold jewellery replete with new age designs. It was mainly the display of light weight gold and diamond jewelry which made a lasting impression on the buyers. For example, the aesthetically curated uncut, fine-cut and brilliant cut diamonds definitely caught the fancy of the customers during the exhibition. In addition, the use of rubies, pearls, emeralds and other coloured gemstones helped add a lot of brilliance and glam to each jewellery piece displayed at the exhibition.

Furthermore, the different natural inspirations used such as crescent, foliage and raindrop in the pieces exhibited help capture the essence of brides-to-be and their excited family members for the D-day. The fact that a 25% and 50% discount was offered on 22K gold and diamond jewellery respectively was the icing on the cake and truly made everyone who attended very happy.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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