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Anmol Jewellers spreads joy and companionship with Varista Old Age Centre members 



Anmol Jewellers spreads joy and companionship with Varista Old Age Centre members

Embracing a spirit of community engagement, Anmol Jewellers orchestrated a heartwarming event for  Varista Old Age Centre inside their store 

Mumbai: Putting an interesting spin to CSR initiatives, Anmol Jewellers focused on creating an experience of unbridled happiness for the elderlies. The event, held at Anmol Jewellers’ premises, featured a range of engaging activities designed to foster warmth and connection among the elderly residents of Varista Old Age Centre.  

The idea to involve the elderlies emerged from the heartfelt stories shared by a loyal client, who had frequented the centre before. Motivated to create a special moment for the residents, Anmol Jewellers’ event comprised lively rounds of bingo, spirited games of dumb charades and soulful singing sessions. The purpose was clear: to create an atmosphere where laughter and camaraderie flourished. With no agenda other than spreading joy, the event served as a testament to Anmol Jewellers’ commitment to corporate social responsibility. 


Reflecting on the impact of this humanitarian endeavour, Anmol Jewellers expressed profound gratitude for the experience. Despite encountering unexpected challenges such as a power outage, the resilience and positivity displayed by the elderly residents left a lasting impression. Their ability to find joy in the moment, despite adversity, offered a powerful lesson in appreciating life’s simple pleasures. 

Moreover, the event reaffirmed Anmol Jewellers’ dedication to being a responsible and compassionate brand. Witnessing the residents’ happiness underscored the importance of community engagement and social responsibility, instilling a sense of purpose and pride among the team members. 

Looking ahead, Anmol Jewellers is committed to continuing its efforts in community engagement and social responsibility. Inspired by the transformative impact of the event, the brand eagerly anticipates organizing similar initiatives in the future, with a focus on bringing joy and support to various groups within the community. 

The experience of the Anmol Jewellers team interacting with the elderly was nothing short of rewarding. From witnessing their smiles to sharing in their laughter, the interaction deepened bonds and enriched the team’s sense of empathy and unity.  

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