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Take the plunge if you are truly passionate about anything: Rajesh Kalyanaraman



Take the plunge if you are truly passionate about anything

Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers shares his business principle and success mantra with The Retail Jeweller India.

What has been the greatest lesson learnt during the pandemic?

I truly understood the cliché ‘man proposes, God disposes’, and learnt to simply let go, and trust His plan.

How did you utilize the lockdown time personally?

Initial days of complete lockdown were spent with family, and it was a new experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After that, we slowly got back on the wheels, and managed to eventually go for the IPO. So business wise, we were able to take a step ahead.

The business leader you admire the most and why?

Steve Jobs – for the visionary he was.

Your favourite holiday destination?

London – because of its rich history and cultural heritage.

Your favourite cuisine?

As a vegetarian, I enjoy both Southern and Northern Indian flavours, but when it comes to comfort food, I prefer home-cooked meals. When I travel internationally, I am open to experimenting with new cuisines, but my favorite so far is Italian cuisine due to flavours and sheer vegetarian variety and options.

Had you not been in the jewellery business, what would you have been?

I did my master’s in Business Administration, and I believe that business was always in my blood. If not the jewellery business, I would have expanded our family-run textile business or started something else on my own.

Your de-stress mantra?

I am a textbook movie-buff. I find them to be a great way to completely lose myself and relax in the world behind the screen.

Your business principle and success mantra?

If there is something I truly believe in, it is to take the plunge if you are truly passionate about anything. Never underestimate your ability to fulfil the same. There may be multiple obstacles coming your way, but always trust the process and embrace everything. Come what may, success will be yours.

One thing you would love to do differently?

I want to be more consistent and focused during my morning runs, so that I can participate in the next marathon, when it comes along.

What happiness means to you?

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Just being with family or spending an evening with them, I feel rejuvenated and happy. Thankfully, most of my first family members live within a few kilometers of each other, and that allows me to spend time with all of them.

Your leadership style?

Transparency is a major focus that I believe in, and will continue to do so. It is one of the most important practices that is significant in our efforts to have a free-flowing line of sight between us and the employees. Listening to all sorts of different kinds of ideas and considering each and every one of them is crucial, as it establishes a bond between me and my team, a sign of acknowledgement that they are being heard.

If you had a message for the Gems &Jewellery industry in the post-Covid world, what would it be?

It was a difficult time, but we have managed to bounce back a little, and we will get back to pre-Covid levels soon. Let’s have faith and let’s also have plans. It is best to conserve cash, as much as possible and it is advisable to rationalize spending. Our commitment to those who are depended on us will need to be unwavering. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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