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Sara Ali Khan, Amrita Singh make audience explore parenthood anew on TBZ ad



Sara Ali Khan, Amrita Singh make audience explore parenthood anew on TBZ ad

Gifting occasions in India are still few and far between. But the dynamics between the one planning a surprise and the lucky one need not be mundane. Relationships have become much more practical, transparent, and fun-filled. And TBZ’s latest video commercial staring Sara Ali Khan and her star mother Amrita Singh is a treat to the eyes.

The simple video revolves around Sara bringing her mum along inside a TBZ store. The young actor keeps telling the sales executive that she is looking for a jewellery piece to gift her best friend on her birthday, which coincides with that of Amrita. The visible jealousy on Amrita’s face is too adorable to miss, as she keeps sulking and hoping that her daughter will consider her turn, once she is done shopping for her ‘obviously important friend’. Being the prankster that she is, Sara keeps egging Amrita on, insisting her to try on a ring that matches the size of her best friend. By now, the audience knows the cue, but Amrita yields to her daughter’s demands and even retorts to a staff, when asked if she would like to buy jewellery for herself as well.

With peak humour, Sarah presents the newly purchased gift set to her mother astonished, who realises that her daughter has been planning to celebrate her birthday all along! Jumping the gun, Amrita nags about a particular necklace set that her daughter’s bestie has really liked, but gets turned down!

While the humour quotient is agreeably high keeping Sara’s bubbly presence in mind, the advertisement elucidates the crystal-clear comfort zone between parents and children today that helps treasure friendship between the two, a notion that is yet not being entertained by traditional schools of thought.

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