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Tanishq launches new version of its Dua Ka Sona ad campaign to highlight its pandemic response



The Tata-owned brand Tanishq has been known for its emotionally affective, memorable advertisements. Last year it launched the ‘Dua Ka Sona’ campaign, which highlighted the social responsibility efforts that the company undertakes. Three films showcased its support towards, respectively, women, its karigars, and the environment. Now it has moved the campaign into version 2.0, with a film released in June that centres around its response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The film has been conceptualized by WYP Brand Solutions. It splices clips from the three previous films featuring karigars and their families giving blessings to jewellery customers with traditional gestures—hands raised, cracking knuckles. These are interspersed with visuals of pandemic relief efforts—karigars in masks, social distancing and hand sanitising in work spaces, food kitchens for children. Overlaid text tells us about the brands achievements—health and safety of over 20,000 families, essentials and medicines for the elderly, food for over 15,000 migrant workers, financial assistance for over 1,700 karigars, gold standard of safety at karigar facilities, virtual training and upskilling for karigars, PPEs to COVID warriors.

The campaign hopes to bring to light the ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices employed by the brand since its inception. As the brand says, “The recent Covid-19 threat urged us to do more not just for our Tanishq family but society at large. From ensuring livelihood and safety of our karigars to providing essentials, medicines and PPE to the needy, we’ve walked the extra mile to stand beside everyone we could during this unprecedented crisis. This pandemic has further strengthened our belief in community, fraternity and our need to extend the solidarity to our karigars. This campaign presents some of our efforts in this direction, recognizing that small acts of goodness can go a long way in creating a big difference.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager, Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited, said, “Dua Ka Sona is an articulation of our humble earnest efforts at Tanishq to make a difference to the lives of our karigars. It takes the conversation from the craft to the craftsman. The craftsman who is the fulcrum of our industry; the real hero whose artistry creates beautiful moments in our consumers’ lives. The artisan who traditionally never got his due. At Tanishq, we intend to build the betterment of the karigars as a central purpose for the brand. Building a deep rooted karigar connect, providing them dignity in their work, a safe, hygienic and ergonomic work environment; and above all a strong governance structure to ensure these programmes become a systematic way of life that will sustain perennially.”

Tejas Mehta, COO and Prakhar Deogrikar, Creative Director, WYP Brand Solutions, said, “When the recent tough times hit, smaller acts took precedence over big ones.  During this time, Dua ka Sona became even more relevant than before. It became a platform where not just the brand, but also the consumers could pitch in their stories.” The brand feels that Dua Ka Sona becomes even more meaningful now, as India unlocks and the restart of the value chain will enable the many millions of karigars to revert to their normal livelihoods. Customers can feel happy to know that their jewellery and gold purchases will enable the wheels of the entire ecosystem to start churning again. The brand believes that the campaign will resonate with the new generation of consumers aspiring to be a part of India’s real progress. Tanishq, known for leading the way for the industry with new marketing campaigns, once again sets the tone for the post-pandemic narrative the industry should build to create greater customer goodwill.


Courtesy: As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine

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