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The IGI-BDB Diamond Workshop culminates with a team of confident work force



The five-day workshop ended with a session on developments in the lab grown arena.

Mumbai, India: A joint initiative of BDB and IGI, the workshop on diamonds was a success with members of the bourse updating their knowledge base. Conducted by the instructor of gemological studies at IGI School of Gemology, Bhavin Patel, the session delved deeper into the study of the 4C’s, treatments and imitations as well as lab grown diamonds.

The focus of each session was on making the members aware about the international standards of grading. Adequate knowledge in this aspect is of paramount importance in order to prepare industry members for a growth-oriented future.

“Timely upgrade of technical skills and knowledge of the fraternity is of paramount importance to us. At IGI, we believe in empowering our workforce for the international arena,” said Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director, IGI.

“For the industry to match global standards of grading, we have to ensure that our workforce is empowered technically. We look forward to nurturing such minds for a competitive future,” said Mehul Shah, Vice-President, BDB. All attendees were felicitated with a certification of participation.

IGI has customized specialized courses for the industry members in diamond grading as well as jewelry designing. Members of the bourse can attain their diploma while working. To know more, call 022 49736064/5 or 18001028610 toll free.


Courtesy : Retail Jeweller India News Service

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