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Shiv Narayan Jewellers launches exquisite ‘Ram Pariwaar’ pendant and two more masterpieces



Shiv Narayan Jewellers launches exquisite ‘Ram Pariwaar’ pendant and two more masterpieces

The pendant has idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman, and is made of 1.8 kilograms of gold and studded with 60,000 diamonds

Shiv Narayan Jewellers launched three masterpieces – an exquisite gold-and-diamond ‘Ram Pariwaar’ pendant, a necklace made of 428.4 carat Golconda cut diamonds and an emerald and diamond-studded magnifying glass -at the recently concluded IIJS Tritiya exhibition venue in Bangalore. Talking about the new creations, Tushar Agarwal, Managing Director of Shiv Narayan Jewellers, thanked the hardworking artisans who are behind the unique pieces. “The idea of making the Ram Pariwaar pendant came from the Ram Mandir that is being built at Ayodhya. We at Shiv Narayan dreamt the same dream that Prime Minister Modi did, and thought why not make an effort to contribute something for Ayodhya through the jewellery industry? So, this masterpiece was created. The Ram Pariwaarpendant is made of 1.8 kilograms of gold and it is studded with 60,000 diamonds. It has the entire family of Shri Ram in it, which includes Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. ‘Ram’ has been written all over the reverse side of the pendant that is covered in diamonds and in the middle, there is a ‘Jai Shree Ram’ inscription,” he said.

Agarwal happily announced that this pendant could create a world record for the heaviest pendant and the pendant with the most number of diamonds. He said they would apply to the Guinness World Records soon for the necessary certification and hoped they would make a record for India again. Notably, on March 13, Shiv Narayan Jewellers had set two Guinness World Records for creating the heaviest diamond-studded gold pendant and most diamonds in a single pendant with its Lord Ganesha pendant,weighing 1011.15 g (35.66 oz) and having as many as 11,472 diamonds set in it.

“We will make India as well as the jewellery industry proud again,” declared Agarwal. He thanked GJEPC dignitaries such as Chairman Vipul Shah, Nirav Bhansali and Pankaj Parekh for their support.

The diamond necklace is an exceptionally beautiful 5-strand neckpiece made of uncut Golconda diamonds. The magnifying glass made of emeralds and diamonds is intended to be proposed for a world record for the most number of diamonds set on a magnifying glass.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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