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Pothys Swarna Mahal’s ‘Nava Graha’ bridal set manifests impact of nine planets on human life 



Weighing about 1 kg and priced at around Rs 72 lakh, it is an exquisite tapestry of temple jewellery that pays homage to the nine planets and the sun, and took 182 days and 3,650 hours of skilled manual labour for its creation

Chennai: In a seamless fusion of ancient celestial wisdom and modern elegance, Pothys Swarna Mahal, Chennai has introduced the ‘Nava Graha’ bridal set, studded with nine gemstones or ‘Navratna’, a manifestation of the cosmic allure associated with the nine planets. It also draws inspiration from the iconic Konark Sun Temple, dedicated to the Hindu Sun God or ‘Surya’.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the bridal set establishes a connection with Hindu Vedic Shastra, recognising the significant impact of celestial bodies on human life. It is enriched with profound spiritual significance through the integration of the Surya Mantra. Crafted with meticulous precision, each of the nine gemstones has a distinct planetary significance. The sun’s vibrant hue made up of the colours violet, indigo, green, blue, yellow, orange and red, and the Sun God’s seven horses named Gayatri, Brihati, Ushnish, Jagati, Trishtubha, Anushtubhi and Pankti, are also depicted in the jewellery, as are the two lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu). The bridal set’s neckpiece is also equipped with built-in battery lights to accentuate the individuality of each planet.

Weighing 1 kg and priced at Rs 72 lakh, the intricately designed jewellery took 182 days and 3,650 hours of skilled manual labour for its creation. It is currently showcased at the Pothys Swarna Mahal showroom, located on the Grand Southern Trunk Road in Chromepet, Chennai.

Ashok Pothy, Director, Pothys Swarna Mahal, Chennai, emphasises the brand’s dedication to innovation and unique design through ‘Nava Graha’. “Departing from traditional temple-inspired designs, the brand positions itself as a design-centric force, capturing attention, and inspiring future breakthroughs. Further, this commitment to excellence solidifies our position as a leading force in the jewellery industry,” Pothy states. 

Written by Megha Iyer

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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