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PNG Jewellers’ exclusive Diamond Jewellery at INR 99,999




Available across all PNG Jewellers stores from 23rd November to 31st December

Mumbai, November 23, 2018: PNG Jewellers unveiled its exclusive range of diamond neckpieces at a leading Fashion Week in Pune. These chic modern necklace designs are the latest addition to the diamond segment called ‘Diamoon’ and areavailable at all PNG stores at an affordable price just worth INR 99,999 from 23rd November to 31st December 2018.

Diamond is considered as women’s best friend; their love for diamonds cannot be explained. Every diamond is a rare and precious piece, especially for women. Diamonds can be fondly referred as ‘chandkatukda’ hence the name, Diamoon. This latest range by PNG Jewellers consists of dainty delicate necklaces which could be worn at a workplace and also be flaunted a party. These elegant pieces of artwork are created keeping in mind the working independent women of India.

Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewellers said, “Indian women’s taste in jewellery is evolving. Lately, they are leaning more towards diamond jewellery as diamond gives a very elegant and classy look. Our latest diamond necklaces that are not restricted to a certain occasion. Moreover, we have priced it at MRP hence, there will no additional cost like making charges or such. I hope our customers will appreciate these delicate diamond neckpieces as we always try to innovate and include our customers’ suggestions in our designs.”

For further information,

Visit us at www.pngadgil.com

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