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PlushMeet, The Augmented Reality Video Calling Technology



PlushMeet, The Augmented Reality Video Calling Technology
  1. What is Plushvie?

Plushvie is INDIA’s newest, most trusted and intelligent “Jewelry try-on” tool for renowned Jewelers.

  1. What does Plushvie have for you?

We offer Real-Time and smooth Jewelry try-on experiences online based on augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition we also provide AR Video Calling technology.

  1. How can Plushvie be useful for your retail business?

Plushvie endeavours to provide jewellery, eyewear & lipstick retailers with smooth & real-time TryOn. Our virtual TryOn aims at providing a personalized experience where consumers can try different products before making a purchase.

  1. What is PlushMeet?

PlushMeet is a video shopping platform powered by AR (augmented reality) that lets consumers try on themselves before they make an actual purchase. Plush Meet combines the fun of live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality.

  1. Is having a website mandatory for PlushMeet?

Yes, it is very much possible. The website is not mandatory. We can create your TryOn & generate a personalised URL that can be used independently through a web browser.

  1. Can PlushMeet be useful in-store?

Yes! The TryOn URL can be accessed on different devices at the same time. Thus, in a jewellery store, the link can be used to schedule a call with a customer who is not present at the store at that moment. The customer can then try multiple pieces of jewellery inside the video call itself.

  1. How will PlushMeet help you increase your business?

As a retailer, you can schedule a video call & your customers can try multiple products inside the live video call itself. Specially designed for the Gems & Jewellery industry at large, PlushMeet is everything the Plush retailers can ask for & if that is not enough Plushmeet also lets you adjust the augmentation of necklaces & earrings, making the entire experience very personalized as well as outstanding.

  1. Why should retailers adopt PlushMeet, The AR Video Shopping Technology?
  1. PlushMeet is engaging & interactive
  2. Shopping on PlushMeet is as good as being there or even more efficient
  3. PlushMeet will be a shopping preference for millennials
  4. PlushMeet will make your brand stand out of the competition

9) Does Plushvie cater to International retailers?

As a leading augmented reality technology company, we already have several international jewellery brands on board with us & we plan to continuously add new clients to the Plush family globally.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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