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OM Jewellers strikes a chord with its customers with its ‘Game Time with Ruchi’



Game Time with Ruchi by OM Jewellers

Moving away from the regular marketing initiatives, the jeweller went step ahead and engaged customers in fun games.

With the second wave of the pandemic hitting the Indian shores, the gloom hit the highest levels of mercury. At such a pass, OM Jewellers started a unique contest called ‘Game Time with Ruchi’ on its social media platform. Moving away from the same-old marketing calls and commonplace posts on social media platforms, the jeweller wanted to kill two birds with one stone — strike a chord with his customers and market the brand name without it looking like a marketing initiative.

Speaking about ‘Game Time with Ruchi’, Bhavin Jakhai, OM Jewellers, Mumbai, said, “During the first lockdown, we did yoga sessions. This time, however, I wanted some form of interaction with my customers that would also be entertaining amid a global pandemic. I didn’t want to push my jewellery. Although we always want to sell, we went to social media with non-jewellery content as well.”

As the contest went, the presenter, Ruchi, would go live from the jeweller’s official Facebook and Instagram handles and interact with customers every week. Each session would focus on something fun, for example, one in which she related Bollywood and jewellery or a song that related to some form of jewellery.

OM Jewellers has already conducted 8 successful sessions of ‘Game Time with Ruchi’, which has prompted them to plan four more sessions.  The only difference now? The presenter will conduct the sessions at the store instead of the earlier instances when she went live from home.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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