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Using the latest of technology comes easy to Hunnar Jewels. In an interview with The Retail Jeweller, Tejas Soni, Managing Partner, Hunnar Jewels, talks about their business model, the will to wow customers and the desire to excel.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): How do you explain your product specialisation?
Tejas Soni (TS): As a brand, we only manufacture jewellery that we can add value to. Moving beyond the melee of gold jewellery or diamond jewellery manufacturers in India, we’d rather be known as innovative jewellery manufacturers. Our products come in 18KT and 22KT gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and mounted solitaire rings.

TRJ: What is your core competency?
TS: Our expertise lies in using CNC technology and niche engineering techniques to develop and manufacture jewellery designs which can in no way be replicated by competitors and other manufacturers, giving our retailers an edge in the market.

TRJ: How important is product innovation for you?
TS: Our company was conceived with innovation as its base and this ideology must reflect in all our pieces. With globalisation and increased media exposure, Indian consumers are constantly upgrading their jewellery choices to match international standards. We believe that our jewellery must cater to this upgrade. Needless to say, innovation is vital to our business.

TRJ: Buying patterns, design trends and consumer sensibilities – which of these factors influence your offerings the most?
TS: Thanks to the widespread reach of media and social media, most of our consumers are aware of the latest global trends. Our mantra ‘think global, act local’ is an offshoot of this. We have tried to add value and twist to the traditional mangalsutra, rings, bangles and bracelets by designing them in rose, white and yellow gold as well as diamonds.

TRJ: Tell us about any new collection for the forthcoming wedding and festive season.
TS: The forthcoming season has quite a few innovations – couple wedding bands, rose gold mangalsutra and men’s matching band and bracelet, especially for grooms.

TRJ: How do you maintain your retailer network?
TS: We have a happy lot of retailers who understand our business model and designs. We have often launched new collections in their premises so that they can let their sales staff be a part of buying decisions. Our inter-personal relationship with the retailers help us market our products and reach out to them consistently.

TRJ: Tell us about your design differentiation.
TS: We have been assembling differently finished parts using differently alloyed gold to create one jewellery piece and this has considerably affected the design perspective. This is a very European approach to manufacturing jewellery, drawing inspiration from high-end Swiss watchmaking.

TRJ: What are your plans on market expansion?
TS: Hunnar Jewels will continue being a solutions provider to retail jewellers. That explains our pioneering effort across categories as well as the newly introduced mangalsutra ‘tanmaniya’, bangles and pendant sets. Unique designs and varied manufacturing techniques are our forte; we want to continue to wow our consumers and that, I feel, will take care of our expansion plans.

TRJ: What about the road ahead?
TS: The industry is evolving aggressively today and both corporate jewellers and organised family jewellers must differentiate their brands with unique and sophisticated products to cater to evolving consumer demands. This is where our company steps in – to offer solutions that can counter market competition.

For more information,
write to tejas@hunnarjewels.com or call 9987752555

— Dipannita Ghosh Biswas

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