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Research and resource development are our core competencies



Constant innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology and production techniques have given Damara Gold Pvt. Ltd. an edge above the rest. In an interview with The Retail Jeweller, Monil Pahuja of Damara Gold elaborates on their creative aesthetics, their plans on upgrading production capabilities and categories.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): How do you explain your product specialisation?
Monil Pahuja (MP): As a brand, we work together with internationally trained craftsmen, designers and visualisers to create our line of products. To put it simply, I’d say innovation and quality are the key tenets around which are our business functions. All the products coming out of the Damara stable must flaunt both these facets. We are a technology-driven company and our products are crafted using state-of-the-art production techniques and innovative use of technology. Over the last four decades, we have blended quality and creative aesthetics in the pieces of art that we have created.

TRJ: What is your core competency?
MP: Our core competencies are undoubtedly, research and resource development. Our research is based on the many facets of jewellery creation – be it research into the latest consumer preferences or the latest production technologies and techniques – we are in a continuous state of unlearning and learning. Our brand exists and prospers on resource building and development, be it technological resources or human resources. These two attributes are the back bone of our brand and help us with innovative product visualisation and creation.

TRJ: What are your plans on the existing business and market expansion?
MP: We are in a phase of upgrading – both in terms of our product categories as well as the production capacity. Once this is done, we will have more creative freedom to explore, innovate and engineer a completely new product spread. This, in turn, will broaden our horizons and help us expand our reach to a larger domestic and international market. Having said that, we believe in going slow and staying steady in the market.

TRJ: Constant innovation and development is a must. What are your views on product development?
MP: As a brand, we swear by innovation and continuous product development remains our core competency. We look at ourselves as market leaders rather than follow the much trodden path. There’s no alternative to product development and that is in our core DNA. Look around and you’ll see that innovation is the corner stone to success.

TRJ: Buying patterns, design trends and consumer sensibilities are constantly evolving. Do all these factors influence your latest offerings?
MP: At Damara Gold, we firmly believe that it’s important to keep pushing our boundaries – only that can help create the best products. Our latest offerings, across categories, sync with this belief and draw inspiration from current trends and consumer sensibilities to create innovative combinations of a variety of textures and colours. We want our products to fit in perfectly as a great match to the contemporary woman – very wearable and expressive – and at the same time, enhancing the consumer’s personality. Moreover, we cannot overlook the fact that India is an economically sensitive country and it’s imperative that we offer value for money. This also has a bearing on our product range.

For more Information: Monil Pahuja
info@damaragold.com | 9920107774

— Dipannita Ghosh Biswas

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