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Legacy sparkles with more glory at Nemichand’s new store

Elegantly spread over 3,800 sq. ft. of area, the store exudes a timeless appeal sans any jarring trimmings or trappings.




Revered for its wide mix of traditional and unconventional designs, Nemichand Bamalwa Group takes the reach a notch higher with the opening up of a new store at Salt Lake City Centre, Kolkata.

 An Immaculately White Backdrop

Yes, that’s the signature Nemichand Bamalwa colour code for their store decors and it rightfully dictates the Salt Lake location as well. The notion behind this strategized uniformity is ‘to keep the same look and feel’ for all Nemichand Bamalwa stores across the country. Pristine and serene, every corner reveals a sense of purity, owing to the white walls, displays booths and gorgeous chandeliers that mark the spaces. The jewellery gets easier to spot under the subtle white lights and the splendour blazes out in its full glory. Elegantly spread over 3,800 sq. ft. of area, the store exudes a timeless appeal sans any jarring trimmings or trappings.

A Universal Assortment

While manufacturing the staples that define Indian jewellery tastes is at the core, sourcing different materials and conforming to global styles to heighten the variety is fundamental to Nemichand Bamalwa Jewellers. In fact, the brand is known for their trendsetting designs and concepts, whether classical or avant-garde. And this repertoire includes designer and haute couture jewellery as well. They take pride in stocking only handmade designer jewellery. Coming to popular demands, this store is a power-house of solitaires, diamond, gold and polki and jadau jewellery. They also stock specialty pieces from various countries around the world. The collection and finish of various cuts like baguette, emerald, pear, heart, marquise, princess and other fancy cuts is to die for.


 Jewels for Under 18

This segment is often ignored by jewellers and thus this age group often makes do with what is passed on by adults. However, elite fashion connoisseurs who delve into categorised buying would find their needs satiated at the NEMICHAND BAMALWA JEWELLERS, Salt Lake store. It stocks a fashionable range for toddlers, infants or the young adult. From little trinkets, to diamonds, to enamelled earrings, to lovely gold bangles, to modern-age designs for pendants, the collection is perfect in terms of designs and sizes for those under 18.

 The Nemichand Bamalwa Wedding Heritage

Whether you are the traditional or the millennial bride, the line-up can’t be richer than what this store can offer. A magnificent melange of artistry, heritage and beauty precedes the collections that are one-off. Diamond chokers, antique 22K gold bridal sets, gold temple jewellery, or the stylish yet regal polki pieces, the brand understands how to adorn it for the bride from minimal to heavy-duty pieces that will last you a lifetime.

What’s Variety Without Quality?

When you are a first with many innovations, some aspects become prerequisites. They were the first Indian jewellery brand to sell 22/22K (melting purity 22K) gold jewellery retail in India way back in 1987. The general practice of jewellers at that time was to sell 22K jewellery with a melting purity if 19k-20k or even lower. However, Nemichand Bamalwa revolutionised the manufacturing process, through persistent research, by maintaining the melting purity of 22K jewellery at 22K.  The standards have only risen since then.

They also have in-house laboratories and scientific instruments essential to determine authenticity/quality of gems and jewellery. Expect a jewellery break-up bill with every cost individually mentioned with your box full of splurges. So, you know when you sell back your jewellery what will be the actual returns. Using a principled and consumer-oriented approach to business, the brand solemnly deems that the business conduct should be so fair that customers should never regret having dealt with them. With so much precaution and dependability in place, the chances do seem remote.  So for variety and quality, Nemichand Bamalwa it is!

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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