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Sona Chandis grand showroom leaves everyone spellbound

The Sona Chandis retail evolution from 1200 sq ft to 15000 sq ft is as remarkable in the journey, as it is in the spectacular outcome.



The Sona Chandis retail evolution from 1200 sq ft to 15000 sq ft is as remarkable in the journey, as it is in the spectacular outcome. This grand showroom has left the city of Kanpur spellbound and has changed the dynamics of the market forever.

Way back, during the start of 2018, the Agarwal’s decided on a location. V-Design Architectural Solutions Pvt Ltd was appointed to support this task and initial plans were conceptualised. The design as per the brief had to be holistic and uniform inside out.

V-Design proposed a radical design for both, the structure as well as the interiors harmonious to the new design ensuring the completion of both the building as well as the interiors in a short ten months. The design of the store is a study of weightlessness and transparency despite the massiveness. The structure is built of a composite design of steel and RCC, the first in Kanpur.

The design uses the grid of the structural clad in gold coated stainless steel sheets, along with an extensive use of glass and the trimmings of a luxurious beige Italian marble to evoke a feel of tremendous lightness, translucency and grandeur. Even the atrium railing that is solid in construction is made to appear invisible with the use of the golden steel and glass strewn with the brand peacock motif.

 Collection splendour

After setting a benchmark for itself in 2019 with the brand’s immersive store, Sona Chandi wants to bring to its buyers the largest variety in gold, diamond and silver jewellery designs and articles. The customers has the luxury to choose from a wide range of traditional temple jewellery in gold to delicate pendent sets. The brand offers large variety in bridal jewellery, which is traditional but also has a classy contemporary touch to it. Customers who has a modern approach can choose jewellery that is traditional but has a contemporary touch to it for which the brand has introduced a special collection of light-weight jewellery, which is perfect for occasions like family gatherings or dinner parties. They also offer a large variety in gold pendent sets that are light and delicate and adds up the charm to a woman’s daily look. To satisfy the requirement of a traditional jewellery they have also brought to the counter a wide range of breathtakingly beautiful jadau and polki jewellery.

Special attention: Diamonds

Sona Chandi’s is specially known for its Diamond Arcade. They specialise in diamond and solitaire jewellery. Understanding how important diamonds are to women, the brand brings to the table small diamond pendent sets for working women, which has a very contemporary approach in its style. They also customise jewellery as per customer’s preference and style. Hence, when it comes to bridal jewellery shopping girls look for jewellery that suits their personal style and also has versatile approach.

Store design for a wow

The staircase connecting the floors was designed as a steel and marble floating structure wrapping around a glass caged gold and glass elevator. The centre of the store is a grand atrium as per Vastu, to give lightness as well as visually connect all the levels. It is adorned by a imposing chandeliers designed in like the structure, in a wire grid illuminated brilliantly by small bulbs at the each intersection to build an imposing glowing cube of light defined entirely by the glow of the bulbs; the wire grid practically disappearing. Various configurations of these cubes, placed strategically at different levels so that they could be visible from every level of the store create a dramatic perspective that ties the various levels store through the atrium.

The vast ground floor dedicated entirely to gold jewellery. A greeter station up front ensures that the customers are welcomed as they walk in and guided to the correct counter. The bangles and bracelets have an entire wall of counters dedicated to them ensuring that the buyer never runs out of options. In case, you are here for buybacks, then rest assured, a quiet enclosure is created for buy-back of old gold and repairs with a repairs and smelting room and karatmeter right next to it.

For easy navigation

The store is divided into floors and just like the god dedicated ground floor, the first floor is dedicated to diamond and studded jewellery, kundan and jadau and bridal jewellery. There is also a whole section for solitaire merchandising. The high value jewellery section has an elaborate dressing room for the bride complete with spoiling lighting, a lush carpet underfoot, large mirrors and a regal chair. There is also a private merchandising area for the privacy conscious clientele. Luxurious washrooms tucked away in one corner of this floor put seven star hotel facilities to shame.  The staff entrance is from this level so that the main entrance is never encumbered. The staff lunch and recreation facilities have been provided on the second floor.

The basement is the silver floor. One can browse the merchandise at leisure and then approach the transaction tables where the selection is brought for final review. The more private CCTV, server and security monitoring control room is also located in the far corner. Highest technology has been employed to ensure zero shrinkage of merchandise without any awkward confrontations. A delightful play area has been carved out with an attendant to ensure children are kept occupied while the parents are left free to shop.

The wall display and counters are all placed around the atrium on each of the levels. The design of the wall display is both aesthetically gorgeous as well as extremely practical. The counters too are unique. Made of matt gold coated stainless steel they provide an exquisite delicacy and a perfect setting to display the craftsmanship of the jewellery. This store demarcations and arrangement makes finding a piece easy and also gives us a chance to regale each piece with care and understanding.

The façade is the piece de resistance! Simple and elegant yet bold and striking, it stands out from the first instance that the store is visible from afar. Following the same theme of using the structural beams and columns clad entirely in gold stainless steel and the expansive use of glass makes the mammoth store look light and welcoming also ensuring that all levels have maximum visibility, all the way up to the fourth floor. Clever use of backlit alabaster to camouflage the solid portions of the structure such as the floor slabs, the alabaster wraps around to form the ceiling above the pavement; thereby there is no solid chunky mass visible at any point, day or night.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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