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Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers gamifies sales in IPL format, improves overall performance



Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers gamifies sales in IPL format, improves overall performance

The brand achieved significant increase in customer feedbacks, improvement in overall performance, and reduction in leaves of absence because of this monthly evaluation system  

Jamshedpur: Cricket rules every Indian’s heart and IPL has become the latest national addiction, with its guaranteed excitement factor. Taking cue from the fast format of IPL, Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers struck a brilliant idea to gamify its sales operations.  

“This was in-store activity comprising our front-end team of salespersons at our flagship store in Sakchi,” said Siddharth Adeshra, director, Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers. The brand has been devising ways to accelerate and improve sales and found the best possible way to motivate them by gamifying and mimicking their work with IPL cricket. Breaking the monotony of targets assigned and targets met, the brand capitalised on the IPL fever during January, when three teams of salespeople were made inside the store.  

“Each team has seven members. The teams were named Titan, Agni, and Sakchi Warriors respectively. We elected the seniormost players in each team as their respective captains. We laid down parameters of performance evaluation, and elected one umpire and one referee to judge the same,” maintained Adeshra.


The scoring was such that if one makes one invoice, one get 1 run. If one item of 22 karat gold is sold, one gets 1 run. If one sells a silver jewellery piece, one gets 0.15 runs. For the sale of a diamond jewellery piece of 1 karat, one gets 20 runs. Even after-sales customer feedback has been monitored. For every feedback, one earns 2 runs. “For our Kanchan varsha monthly gold scheme, enrolling one customer equals to 4 runs. If the customer makes one order, that equals to 1 run. If you sell gemstone jewellery, then one gets 5 runs per karat. In case of disciplinary issues, there is negative scoring. In case of absence from work, the person gets a negative score of -2 runs,” explained the jeweller.  

The practice has become a routine part of the Sakchi team since January. For every calendar month, the brand calculates the total runs scored by the team. There is a dashboard allocated, which is projected on a big screen, enabling every person to take note of the individual and collective advancements. The jeweller gives away a golden cap to the one scoring the highest runs. Similarly, the second highest scorer gets a silver cap.  

As a result of this practice, every salesperson has become mindful of the additional effort required to claim an accolade. Thanks to this process, the brand started getting a lot of customer feedbacks, which in turn made the campaigns and advertising more intuitive. The low-performing members improved tremendously. Leave of absences reduced. The most lagging person in sales became one of the top 5 performers, since his likings for cricket propelled him to perform better.  

When the top performers are recognised in front of the entire team, appreciation for one becomes an inspiration for the other. Encashing the success of this initiative, the brand is planning to replicate this process at its second store in Bishtupur for an overall upgradation of sales performances  

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