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Lagu Bandhu Jewellers organises exclusive Mandala workshop to boost customer engagement 



Lagu Bandhu Jewellers organises exclusive Mandala workshop to boost customer engagement

This event, the first under women’s community Anubandh, was organized to establish deeper connections with its customer base, comprising women from the metropolis and the surrounding regions 

Mumbai: Engaging with its customers, Lagu Bandhu Jewellers sponsored and organised a mandala workshop at its showroom in Kalyan, Mumbai. Hosted by artist Anushree Vaidya, the event was meant to boost the involvement of the brand’s customers and hence, offered completely free-of-charge participation. 

To engage more closely with its clientele, the brand limited attendance to just 25 seats. Leveraging social media platforms, Lagu Bandhu Jewellers actively promoted the event, supplemented by personalised WhatsApp invitations to its customers. Additionally, the brand reached out through word-of-mouth references to specifically invite participants with a passion for artistic expression. 

“The workshop was conducted under a women’s community named Anubandh – a Lagu Bandhu initiative for women to help them grow, bond with other members and feel empowered,” said Parag Lagu, Director, Lagu Bandhu Jewellers

According to the brand, planning such initiatives for their customers also meant drawing them out of their routine lives for a creative and engaging activity, a challenge that many people struggle to break away from. Hence, through the workshop, the jewellery brand had the opportunity to know its customers better. 


This event, the first under Anubandh, was organized and sponsored by the brand to establish deeper connections with its customer base which mainly comprises women from the metropolis and the surrounding regions. The event marked the brand’s proactive approach in engaging with women, aiming to strengthen relationships and understanding within this demographic. “Being a women-centric jewellery brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to go beyond buyer and seller relationship and contribute to maximum possible women’s lives significantly,” he explained. 

By actively involving customers in such experiences, brands aim to create and build lasting connections built on the shared passion for fine jewellery. These interactions go beyond transactions, leading to long-term customer loyalty. 

The jewellery brand emphasized that while these activities do promote the brand, showcase jewellery collections, and highlight promotional schemes, they foster lasting relationships with customers who appreciate and comprehend the essence of the jewellery offered.  

“As we organise these activities, we may not expect an immediate growth in sales. But in the long term, we can develop a community for our customers which will prove to be a great asset for the brand,” concluded Lagu. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusives 

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