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Brand GJS aims to be the ultimate benchmark for trade shows in the industry




The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What are the new opportunities the first edition of the Diwali show of GJS presented to Indian retailers?

Ashish Pethe (AP): One of the key highlights of the Diwali edition of GJS was the untapped exhibitors from across the nation. Retailers are always keen to visit regular suppliers during any B2B show. However, in GJS this time, there were more than 150 new exhibitors, each of whom were first-time participant in an exhibition of the jewellery industry. This turned out to be an excellent opportunity for both buyers and sellers. The show had genuine buyers, and I am sure they explored the uniqueness and potential of each of our participating exhibitors.

TRJ: There have been multiple trade shows weeks/days before this show; what are the gaps this Diwali show fills for the industry?

AP: The timing of the GJS is the key here. GJC has been conducting Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI) events over the past 15 years. And PMI held in the Shradh period has always been a success. This experience has helped us plan the apt dates. Major festivities start post-Shradh period, starting with Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali etc.

The retailer is looking for stock filling in shows scheduled in the Shradh period. The market sentiments are very high during this period, and there is a major buying mood for all product segments.


TRJ: Please tell us about the visitor participation at the show.

AP: We are thankful to all our exhibitors and visitors who participated in the second edition of the GJS. With too many shows happening at the same time as GJS, we knew the key to success was not the number of retailers but the quality of each participating retailer. Almost every visitor was a genuine buyer and has given confirmed orders to our exhibitors.

TRJ: What are the future plans, and what can the industry look forward to?

AP: Brand GJS aims to be the ultimate benchmark for trade shows in the industry. Two shows are scheduled in April and September every year. It encourages domestic business and allows exports as we are very focused on bringing international delegations to the show. GJS has established itself as a niche and premium B2B show, which will give a good buying experience to the visitors.

In GJS, every stakeholder shall continue to have a voice, as its core is ‘Humara Apna Show’. With this ethos, we are preparing for the next show scheduled from 7th to 10th April 2023 in Mumbai.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India New

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