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‘At IIJS Virtual we are targeting the rular areas of the country as there is a boom in agricultural industry. We have launched 300 new mangalsutra designs between 8 gms to 18 gms which will cost Rs.50,000to 1 Lakh.




Aayod Jain of Trident Corporation is banking on his mangalsutras to do the trick at the IIJS Virtual this year

What do you think about the virtual format of IIJS?

I think GJEPC has taken a great step towards organizing a virtual exhibition for the jewellery industry, and I would like to congratulate Shailesh Sangani and his team for taking a revolutionary step. It will allow designers and graduates to showcase their talent in a safe and productive way.

What are you planning to present during the virtual show?


We have specifically targeted rural India this time, because there was a great agricultural boon during the pandemic. So, we have launched 300 new designs and mangalsutras ranging from 8gm to 18gm, which will cost about Rs 50,000- Rs 1 lakh. I think lightweight jewellery will sell in the rural part of the country. As we specialize in mangalsutras, we have created a wide range of lightweight pieces that will surely be popular.

What is your view on the next 6 months? What would your advice be to retailers at the IIJS?

I am sure that retailers have been waiting for a long time to grab something new for their stores. This platform will fulfil their needs. I think they will get a lot of business here, as the upcoming season is more of a marital and festive one. Although there will be a load on the manufacturing side, the retailers will do great business.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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