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IIJS Virtual will herald a prosperous new vision for B2B business in India and the world. This platform will help in organising the business in next six months. It will bring fruitful changes and break barriers between manufactures and Retailers.




The proprietors of Sanghi Jewellers in Hyderabad are quite upbeat about the virtual format of the IIJS. Why? They are all about breaking barriers and doing something new

What are your thoughts on the virtual format of IIJS?

IIJS has always been known for bringing the industry together. The virtual format will do it better because there will not be any barriers like travel, reachability and affordability, which made it very difficult for retailers in remote corners of India to attend it.  This, in turn, will help both the domestic and global markets.

What new collections do you plan to showcase at the IIJS this year?


The pandemic has given us time to evolve and understand our customers better. We have taken a close look at their needs and launched a special, budget bridal collection. We figured that purchases are occasion centric instead of casual now, so the designs will cater to that. CZ jewellery is getting widely accepted because it has a traditional aspect, and a modern dash to it as well. We will launch new collections in CZ. We think budgets will remain the same, but since gold prices have increased, we need to go light. This will not affect the designs, but rather make them better.

What is your opinion on the next six months’ sales? What advice will you give other retailers?

The industry will come back to normal. We have always adapted to changes. As long as there are weddings and festivals, sales will be normal. Everybody has to come out of their comfort zones and work harder to get the industry back on track. The next six months will bring fruitful changes to the industry and break barriers between manufacturers, retailers and customers.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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