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With launch of new showroom in Jaunpur, Kalyan Jewellers takes store tally in Uttar Pradesh to 19



Inaugurated by actor Sonakshi Sinha, this showroom offers world-class ambience with state-of-the-art shopping facilities

Jaunpur: Kalyan Jewellers recently launched its new showroom at Umarpur, beside Shankar Eye Hospital in Jaunpur. Actor Sonakshi Sinha inaugurated the showroom, which features an extensive range of designs from various collections of Kalyan Jewellers.

Patrons can expect state-of-the-art facilities with world-class ambience, providing an unparalleled experience at the store. Commenting on the launch of the showroom, Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewellers, said, “With the launch of our new showroom in Jaunpur, the aim is to create a holistic ecosystem and cater to the distinct needs of our customers, enhancing their shopping experience. We aspire to continue reinventing ourselves, providing customers with world-class ambience, while staying true to the company’s ethos of trust and transparency. At Kalyan Jewellers, we will continue to offer a vast range of exquisite and unique jewellery designs with a focus on quality and service.”

Celebrating the launch, Kalyan Jewellers has announced an exciting range of offers to ensure that patrons gain maximum benefits on their jewellery purchases from the showroom. It has also announced that the Kalyan Special Gold Board Rate – the lowest in the market and standardized across all company showrooms – will apply to these jewellery purchases. These offers are valid for a limited period only. 

Patrons will also receive Kalyan Jewellers’ 4-Level Assurance Certificate, which guarantees purity, free lifetime maintenance of ornaments, detailed product information, and transparent exchange and buy-back policies. This certification reflects the brand’s commitment to offering the very best to its loyal customers.

The showroom will also stock Kalyan’s popular house brands, including Muhurat (Wedding Jewellery Line), Mudhra (Handcrafted Antique Jewellery), Nimah (Temple Jewellery), Glo (Dancing Diamonds), Ziah (Solitaire-like Diamond Jewellery), Anokhi (Uncut Diamonds), Apoorva (Diamonds for Special Occasions), Antara (Wedding Diamonds), Hera (Daily Wear Diamonds), Rang (Precious Stones Jewellery), and the recently launched Lila (Coloured Stones and Diamond Jewellery).

Brand launches new showroom in Madhubani, expands operations in Bihar

The jewellery brand has also recently launched a new showroom in Madhubani. Located at Main Road in Ward No. 21 near Watson School, the all-new showroom promises to offer patrons with a luxurious shopping experience in a world-class ambience. The company has been consistently expanding its brand footprint and operations in the region, to supplement its growth and make the brand more accessible to patrons in Bihar.

To mark the occasion, the company announced a unique promotion of 0% making charges for half the purchase value, on a minimum purchase value of Rs 1 lakh. Additionally, the Kalyan Special Gold Board Rate will apply. These offers are valid for a limited period only. 

Kalyan Jewellers achieves over 280% return in 10 months

The brand has witnessed a remarkable surge in its stock price since April 2023, consistently reaching new record highs each month. Starting from Rs 102.95 apiece in April last year, the company’s shares have surged by 284% to reach the current value of Rs 395 per share. On March 02, the stock hit an all-time high of Rs 419 per share.

Kalyan Jewellers’ shares debuted on March 26, 2021, at Rs 75.3 per share, compared to the issue price of Rs 87. Despite a challenging first year, ending with a 21.26% decrease in value to Rs 68.5, the stock rebounded in CY22, posting a solid gain of 85%. 

This momentum continued into CY23, with a whopping return of 180%, and the stock has already risen by 12% in the current year. Taking the stock’s current value into account, it is up by 425% from its listing price and 355% from its IPO price.

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