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KAJ Fine Jewellery unveils its atelier at Breach Candy, Mumbai; launches collections with Nayntara Thacker



Commemorating the launch, KAJ showcased its distinctive collections – Gilded Wings and Petals in Poetry, which are collaborations between Kajal and Nayntara

Mumbai: KAJ Fine Jewellery, founded by Kajal Fabiani Hiranandani, opened its retail showroom on March 6 in Mumbai’s iconic Breach Candy neighbourhood. Breaking away from the tradition of storing captivating diamond pieces for special occasions, KAJ introduces fine jewellery set in gold, diamonds and rare natural gemstones that are both accessible and easy to wear at any time of the day. 

KAJ Fine Jewellery’s new boutique is a fusion of minimalist, classy and chic designs, seamlessly reflecting the sophistication of high-end European salons. The curated ambience invites guests into an atmosphere of refined elegance, meticulously designed to transcend traditional retail spaces. Its architecture ensures a seamless flow, guiding customers through the allure of the everyday luxury collection to the grandeur of high jewellery. 

Abundant natural light, enchanting arches, antique-finished metal display tables and judicious use of colours create an immersive space that harmoniously balances old-world charm with contemporary glamour, reflecting the brand’s commitment to everlasting elegance and modern aesthetics. With the new boutique, customers can enjoy handcrafted collections that seamlessly blend with a modern lifestyle, suitable for both Western and Indian looks.

Commemorating the launch, KAJ showcased its distinctive collections – Gilded Wings and Petals in Poetry, which are collaborations between Kajal and Nayntara. They balance drama with delicate details, making a strong fashion statement, and seamlessly blending Kajal’s minimal and elegant style with Nayntara’s bold and edgy approach. ‘Petals in Poetry’ is a vibrant collection, featuring earrings, rings, brooches, and pendants, capturing the lively spirit of blooming blossoms with 3D sculpted petals adorned with green tsavorites, yellow sapphires, and natural white diamonds.

Sharing her excitement about the boutique, Kajal Fabiani Hiranandani said, “As the founder of KAJ Fine Jewellery, my passion lies in crafting exquisite pieces that transcend the ordinary, creating a unique and meaningful connection with each wearer. KAJ is a way for me to express my passion for design and art and I’m looking forward to our Boutique in Breach Candy, where our esteemed clients and guests can finally view all our themed collections under one roof.”

When asked about the collaboration with KAJ, Nayntara Thacker said, “On my recent visit to the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, we drew inspiration from the Oriental Lilies and rare Orchids that sparked the idea of a collaboration with Kajal to create two Jewellery collections, Gilded Angels and Petals in Poetry. They are not just visually stunning; but they celebrate our unique friendship and distinctive styles, reflecting sophistication and bold design elements.”

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