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What did I do to increase sales in Jewellery Industry




Kishorkumar Shah

Director, Chandukaka Saraf and Sons, Pune

Thinking outside the box

Our gold and silver products were selling well, but our diamond products were not. To counter this, we adopted a unique approach where we displayed trays of diamond jewellery in between the gold and silver jewellery and asked the existing staff from these sections to sell the diamond products as well. We also trained the staff so that they would have all the knowledge about diamonds. And so whenever a customer went to the gold or silver jewellery sections, our sales staff also showed them the diamond jewellery. Our senior team also interact with the other sales representatives who may not have been able to sell the diamond jewellery to motivate them. Through these efforts, the sales of our diamond jewellery rose by a considerable margin within a few months.


Reaching out to customers to build bonds

Ankleshwar is a small town, so spending money on outdoor advertisements and hoardings won’t give you the desired result—increased sales. To overcome these constraints, I adopted a targeted campaign through door-to-door efforts. Ahead of any major festival, such as Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali, we visit the customers and inform them about our exclusive offers launched for the festive period. We also reached out to customers in public places, such as near temples, and told them about our brand and products. This activity has helped us build personal relationships with our customers.

Kamlesh Soni
Partner, Om Markendeshwar Jewellers, Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Abdul Hameed Motiwala
Partner, Omarsons Jewellers, Mumbai

Adapting to changing customer sentiment

I recently made two changes to improve the performance of our store and attract new customers. The first change was to introduce 14-karat gold jewellery. Due to the high gold prices, the 18-karat and 22-karat gold jewellery suddenly became less attractive to potential customers. Introducing a cheaper range paid off and sales have increased by 10%-12% over the last few months. The second change I introduced was stock management. I analysed the sales report and identified the slow-moving products. I then replaced those items with new and fast-moving products.

Stepping outside the comfort zone

A few months ago, I introduced the Victorian jewellery style by using rose-cut diamonds and colour stones. Designing jewellery in this style requires quality workmanship, and so there are very few jewellers in the country who make such products. I first introduced a few pieces to gauge the customers’ response to it, and it is only after receiving a good reaction that I am making more jewellery pieces in the Victorian style.

Amit Shikherjee
Owner, Devika Jewellers

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