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Tibarumal Jewellers trains staff, gets ‘YOUTH READY’




Embarking on a journey from a family-run business to a corporatized entity, a whole new training module was felt necessary. According to Pranav Gupta, Director, Tibarumal Jewellers, the module introduced 10 months ago has helped increase the engagement with the young generation.

In order to do that, the brand involved professionals to train its current team of 40 staff members under a flexible, customized module as per the requirement of each staff. Discussing the core areas, Pranav says he started with complete staff grooming, customer communication and servicing right from the time customers enter the showroom till they see out the customers. Understanding customer requirement, thorough product knowledge, upselling, and cross-selling were some of the important aspects of the training. “An energized in-store environment is important for customers to feel encouraged to shop,” he says.

Teamwork is crucial for corporatization in a traditionally family-owned brand, believes Gupta. “In our industry, we have employees from all walks of life. Creating a hierarchy is important for the smooth functioning of the showroom and showing a clear growth path to the employees. It motivates employees to move up the hierarchy ladder. Training plays an important role in building efficiencies that helps them achieve this,” Pranav adds.

To improve staff self-reliance, the jeweller has also created SOPs and guidelines. This has reduced dependency significantly during closing crucial deals.

Pranav has observed a 360-degree-change in the attitude, thanks to the sessions. With improvement in communication with customers and product explanation, the conversion rates and overall sales have improved remarkably.


The training has also helped the jeweller to identify hidden talents who are now doing exceedingly well. Most importantly, the coordination amongst the staff members has improved drastically. Now, they support each other to achieve individual and organization goals. Overall, the positive outcomes of the training program are helping in the organizational and employee career growth in a steady manner.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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