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CaratLane encourages everyone to celebrate their unique ‘Bandhans’



CaratLane encourages everyone to celebrate their unique ‘Bandhans’

Mumbai: CaratLane, India’s leading Omni-channel jewellery brand, has launched a campaign celebrating the different unique bonds that siblings share, on the occasion of Rakhi. The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by BBH India (part of Publicis Groupe India).

This campaign is built on the brand’s strategy to identify the more micro reasons or occasions within the larger gifting contexts. CaratLane has known from multiple customer stories that rakhi is special to different siblings for different reasons. They could be in different countries, they could be sisters or they could be celebrating Rakhi together for the first time. In such highly emotional contexts, the brother or the sister wants their sibling to feel on top of the world, making jewellery even more integral to the gifting thought.

Drawing from the multiple #MyCaratLane stories received over the years, CaratLane wants to showcase jewellery as a memorable gifting option that not only can be worn every day and stays with a person for a long time but will also create a long-lasting and special memory in the minds of the customers.

Talking about the campaign, Avnish Anand, COO and Co-Founder of CaratLane said, “It’s a universal fact that no two sibling bonds are the same. Every relationship is unique and is threaded by different memories that make it so special. We wanted to capture the essence of this uniqueness through our campaign, inspired by our own lives and that of our customers. We’ve seen how our customers want to gift jewellery to make it extra special, memorable for a lifetime and something that symbolises the bond they share with each other”.

Aarti Srinivasan, ECD, BBH India added, “We wanted to go beyond the traditional idea of protection that most Raksha Bandhan campaigns talk about and celebrate the many facets that make sibling relationships so beautiful and like no other. Whether it’s Love-hate Bandhan, Midnight Maggi Bandhan, Nautanki Bandhan or Secrets ki Rakha Bandhan, there’s a special CaratLane gift to mark every special Bandhan.  Casting real siblings instead of actors (for some of the pieces) makes this campaign extra special”


Links to digital films as a part of the campaign:

Link 1- https://youtu.be/NU2HVJh5vyc

Link 2- https://youtu.be/Ppo8T4tKXOY

To mark this occasion, CaratLane has a specially curated Raksha Bandhan collection available on https://www.caratlane.com/jewellery/rakhi+gifts.html

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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