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With sustainability at its core, NDC puts ‘consciousness’ as the fifth C of credibility for natural diamonds



NDC puts ‘consciousness’ as the fifth C of credibility for natural diamonds

There has been no better time for natural diamonds to shine. The category is getting a refurbished sense of loyalty, and perhaps the most stable streak of demand at that, as consumers are waking up to the value the natural diamond industry provides. It’s time to delve deeper than cut, colour, clarity and carat. With consumer awareness, the demand for natural diamonds is increasing because of the fifth C, which is ‘consciousness’.

“Every variety of gem and jewellery have their own audience and a market to grow in, but natural diamonds will always remain the symbol of quintessential luxury,” says Richa Singh, MD (India and the Middle East), Natural Diamond Council, a platform that is advancing the integrity of the industry by inspiring, educating and protecting communities. Together, the NDC members protect over 2649 sq. kilometres of land, over three times that is used in mining operations.

Recently, a wave of positive change has been observed in the fashion industry with an increased focus on conscious luxury and slow fashion. “Sustainability is the key driver here, as every consumer wants that the product they invest in has traceable roots in ethical sourcing and environment-friendly processes, and natural diamonds fit the bill perfectly. The Fifth C of natural diamonds is ‘Conscious’ – establishing the profound responsibility of the modern diamond industry as consumers and brands move towards sustainable practices. The industry supports the livelihoods of 10 million people worldwide. In India, the industry helps support the livelihood of over 2 million people by creating jobs locally across the supply chain and has provided medical cover to over 6 lakh Indians with over 100 crores in insurance claims being paid out,” said Singh.

Consumers today are choosing to buy natural diamonds for their unmatched luxury, versatility and style for various occasions. But along with grace, every diamond tells the story of craftsmanship and elegance with a focus on preserving communities and the environment. Through diverse initiatives, NDC brings these stories to consumers, especially the younger generation, who are wanting to invest in fewer but better things.

“They attach greater personal meaning to every luxury good purchase, and even more so if they are buying something for a loved one. When a consumer buys a natural diamond, it is also a celebration of the good it furthers across the world. The natural diamond industry abides by numerous legal frameworks alongside country-specific regulations to ensure it does business in an ethical and sustainable way. The ‘Thank You, By The Way’ campaign puts a spotlight on the industry’s decades-long commitment to sustainability which has benefitted people, communities and the environment globally,” Singh maintained.


Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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