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JJ Valaya unveils a line of precious jewellery at the World of Valaya



JJ Valaya unveils a line of precious jewellery at the World of Valaya

The recently launched World of Valaya in New Delhi offers one a detailed insight into JJ Valaya’s unique personality with a firm focus on High fashion, Home, Photography and Art.

JJ Valaya has always created designs immersed in luxury and timelessness, and his new precious jewellery collection is no different. The World of Valaya now houses a dedicated section showcasing a range of precious jewellery by JJ Valaya crafted in association with Jagdish Jewellers Chandigarh (creators of jewels for the Patiala Royals since 1866). This initial showcase of rare jewels has been thoughtfully curated and acts as a prelude to the introduction of the JJ Valaya line of fine jewellery that will be introduced later this year.

The finest of precious stones, rare brilliant-cut diamonds and uncut diamonds (Polki) make up this magnificent collection, inspired by elements nestled within nature and from exquisite masterpieces of the past of Royal India.

The jewel making process involves expert craftsmanship and techniques that have been passed down through generations. A perfect amalgamation of traditional processes and modern elements, each piece within the collection is exquisite. The jewels are set in 18K and 22K gold with precious brilliant-cut diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, Columbian emeralds, syndicate Polki, Rubalites and Paraiba tourmalines, rose red rubies, poppy red spinels, south sea pearls and Persian jasmine pearls.

The collection is an ode to the hereditary craftsmanship skills passed down through generations. Handcrafted to absolute perfection, the use of advanced technological processes has helped create complex designs for the jewels with beautiful textures.

Carrying forward JJ Valaya’s refined sensibilities, the relationship between couture and jewellery is etched into the very fabric of the World of Valaya.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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