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IGI brings authenticated diamond jewellery to the capital city



IGI brings authenticated diamond jewellery to the capital city

The International Gemological Institute- IGI, is the leading international laboratory certifying diamonds, gemstones and fine jewellery since 1976. The brand hosted an event titled the ‘IGI D Show’ also popularly referred to as the IGI Diamond Show from the 16th to 18th of May, 2022 at Gurugram.

The objective of the show was to create awareness about accurate grading in diamond jewellery and the disclosure of its origin. Diamonds may be of a natural origin, i.e., found in nature or may also be created in a laboratory, commonly referred to as lab grown diamonds. Diamond grading and certification is of paramount importance considering every consumer’s right to know the many aspects that make their diamond so precious.

IGI is the pioneer in the grading arena since its operations began in India and have been prompt at bringing onboard the most sophisticated technology and systems necessary for grading and certifying jewellery as per international standards.

The show created a platform for 44 fine jewellery manufacturers from India who have mastered the craft of creating exquisite, high-quality fine jewellery. Over 20,000 exclusive designs were unveiled for the upcoming wedding season.

Prominent jewellery retailers from across India who maintain utmost transparency in the quality of their diamond jewellery participated in the show. These retailers represent more than 3500 showrooms that sell 100% IGI certified diamond jewellery.  

Today, certified jewellery has captured the attention of customers across the globe. Buyers insist on IGI certified jewellery as a mark of assured quality. IGI has emerged as the most trusted diamond certifying authority in India with almost 90% of the market share in the certified diamond jewellery domain, upholding consumer confidence in diamond jewellery.

“At the Gurugram edition of the IGI D Show, over 2 million jewellery pieces were booked to cater to the demands of the upcoming season. These exclusive creations were displayed in over 3,500 outlets, ensuring the availability of certified diamond jewellery to over 1.6 million consumers. With an IGI report, every consumer exercises his or her right to know their diamond jewellery better while gaining access to premium quality creations,” said Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director- IGI India.

The IGI D Show brings prominent diamond retailers and manufacturers to a common platform in order to work towards educating consumers about the importance of buying certified diamond jewellery from IGI certified jewellers.  

As a responsible authority, IGI has begun adopting operating standards for carbon neutral certification. By end of 2023, all the services offered by IGI will be certified as carbon neutral. The certifying body has also been working with Delhi ‘Orkids’ and ‘Wishes and Blessings’ – NGO’s that work towards the development of underprivileged children and weaker segments of the society.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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