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CaratLane launches their latest collection ‘Mogra’



CaratLane launches their latest collection ‘Mogra’

CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jewellery brand is ready for a diamond studded celebration this festive season with the introduction of their first of its kind collection in India, Mogra. The collection is an ode to everyone’s beloved flower Mogra, reimagined in gold & diamonds. The collection features a diverse range of jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets, neckwear, and every design is as distinctive & fresh as the silhouette of the fragrant ivory flower.

The designs in this collection feature rice pearls that are used for the first time ever to get as close to the inspiration as possible & stunning diamonds micro set within the delicate contour of the golden petals. The designs are crafted using 3D printing technique to revive the intricate curves & folds of the bud to bloom stages of the flower. The Mogra collection will be your ideal choice for all the festive moments when you’re looking for a glamorous yet classy look.

The ‘MOGRA’ collection, which is already a customer favourite, is designed for those who love to stand out in the crowd. Drawing from the unique folds of the Mogra flowers that blooms gorgeously at night, these designs are moulded into intricately detailed 14KT gold jewellery, with the diamonds placed closer together, giving them a more natural, cluster-like look and an enhanced shine.

Talking about the collection, Kinnari Shah, Head of Design & Merchandising, said “Mogra evokes a feeling of nostalgia the moment we smell the fragrance. The beauty lies in all forms of Mogra from bud to full bloom. We wanted to do justice to the inspiration, by capturing the minute details of the flower and translating it into our jewellery, from the fine veins holding the bud to the texture on the petals. We have used rice pearls for the perfect representation of the buds & micro setting, where each diamond is set under the microscope for a smooth diamond cluster look. All the designs in our collection are Versatile and will compliment both into western outfits, perfect for the upcoming festive season.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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