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JKJ Jewellers witness surprising in-store footfalls after unlock in Jaipur



JKJ Jewellers witness surprising in-store footfalls after unlock in Jaipur

At a time when jewellers across the country are being desperate to grab the littlest of customer demand, JKJ Jewellers, Jaipur is painting a promising picture. The brand is getting a lot of footfall from all corners of the city soon after the unlock phase started in Rajasthan on June 8.

JKJ Jewellers

Speaking about the experience, Krishna Mosun, owner, JKJ Jewellers, Jaipur, said that pandemic didn’t provide any scope of jewellery purchase for investment purposes. “People bought jewellery for their family only to cater to marriage ceremonies. Jewellery became sort of an essential purchase then. But people are now buying to invest,” he said.

Young or old, buyers from all financial capacities are thronging to buy jewellery from the showroom. People with old jewellery of 22 carat gold are coming to make new designs. The buyback policies of the brand, which buys gold of a particular purity based on its current gold rate, are helping in faster conversions in this segment. The latent lifestyle demand in the city has sprung back to normalcy, for which the brand is witnessing a revival of all sorts of jewellery sale, including bridal, everyday wear, investment-centric and exchange-centric transactions.

Another shot in the arm for JKJ Jewellers is their ability to cross-promote their traditional clothing brand. “Those coming for jewellery purchase are getting a flat ₹1000 off on buying sarees from us. Thus, we are able to expand business opportunities and tapping into the thriving lifestyle demand of our catchment area,” Mosun commented.

From the confidence of Mosun, it is understood that an uptick on jewellery demand and hence, normalisation of lifestyle in Jaipur are just matters of time as more and more people get vaccinated.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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