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Post-lockdown, Ratlam Abhushan witnesses high sales, 100% conversion rate



Customers siting inside Ratlam Abhushan

Indore-based Ratlam Abhushan Pvt Ltd is getting an overwhelming response from the customers after its stores reopened post-lockdown in Madhya Pradesh. Wedding dates locked in June and July are making people get out safely and reach the jeweller for the best buy.

Giving more details, Paras Bohra, Director, Ratlam Abhushan Pvt Ltd, said, “After the second lockdown, the sales increased by almost 20% as compared to the pre-lockdown period. The reason behind this phenomenal response is the demand for wedding jewellery. The marriage season is currently going on. People are getting married by holding smaller, personal ceremonies due to stricter norms for the pandemic. Thus, the demand for wedding jewellery is highest now.”

However, the high gold price is pinching people’s pockets harder than ever. Thus, prospective buyers have moved away from heavyweight jewellery to mid-size jewellery sets offering between 50-70 grams of gold.

Also, safety stricture has benefitted the jewellery brand as people walk in with strongest buying intention. “Due to the pandemic, only serious buyers are visiting the store and thus the conversion rate is almost 100%, which could not be seen before the pandemic,” Paras added.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty


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